Trump’s Wiki Woes

As we all know, Donald Trump was sworn into the presidential office on January 28th, 2017. It was a historic date, both for him and his Wikipedia page.

After a candidate is bound to an office, all his social media accounts are changed to show him as the president of the United States. The same goes for the current President. However, his Wikipedia page (or it’s editors) didn’t seem to want to cooperate.

Since Wikipedia offers an open source editing platform to all its users, just about anyone can add and edit a Wikipedia page. However, things spun out of control when numerous people tried to change Donald Trump’s Wiki page over eight times in the span of one hour. It seems like editors couldn’t decide whether or not Trump was officially president that day or not.

This all could have been avoided if Trump used a powerful Wikipedia editor like Get Your Wiki. Specialists in making Wikipedia pages, Get Your Wiki will not only ensure that you have a top notch wiki page but will also ensure that goof ups like this one don’t happen.

Wikipedia isn’t just for rich people and big companies, but for people with small businesses as well. If you search for something on Google, you will see that the Wikipedia page on the topic is one of the first things to pop up. This is because Wikipedia is one of Google’s prime investors, which ensures that a Wikipedia page will always emerge on the top of the search results.

This can be one of the biggest boons for businesses. Wikipedia is brilliantly search-engine optimized, so the site acts as a boost to your online presence. People tend to respond more positively to Wikipedia pages while looking out for information on a particular something. When they make a Wikipedia page about a particular business, they tend to look at the business in a brighter light than others. This can do wonders for your business or your website and greatly increase sales and site traffic.

However, making a Wikipedia page on your own is no easy task. Wikipedia has a long list of guidelines which can be pretty hard to follow. They do this to ensure uniformity between the articles and tend to ban or remove articles not following those guidelines. If you don’t have an expert editor on your side, the task of creating your Wiki page can be pretty hard. That’s why sites like Get Your Wiki are so helpful because they know exactly how to frame your page and catch viewer interest so that you have a well thought out and professional Wiki page.