Norka Luque’s Wild Success

Brains, beauty and talent are just a few of the things that have made Norka Luque so successful at her music career. While others have only the beauty and the talent, Norka sets herself apart from other entertainers because she knows how to manager herself and knows the right things to do now that she is in the music industry and is making a lot of money for herself. This is something that many singers do not have and something that Norka has been very proud of herself for in her music career.

While she is very smart, her past education has also contributed to her being so successful. When she first started her career in school, she decided to get a degree in business. This has allowed her the chance to see how to manage money and to manage herself while she is on the road and is performing. It has allowed her the chance to truly see what it is like to be a star without having to worry about having a manager who could ruin things for her. She is self-sufficient with her money and even with plans that she sets for tours and concert dates.

Norka also plans all of her own outfits and sets for when she is up on stage. This means that she does not need to worry about a costume designer and that she can look (and feel) her best when she is performing. She worked in the fashion industry for a period of time and, during that time, she was able to find what type of styles worked for her and made her feel good about herself. She translates that experience into her stage presence and makes sure that everyone knows how good she looks and the expertise that she has.

With the many different career changes that Norka had, it seemed like she may not be able to settle on something and just continue to do different things throughout her life. The salvation came, though, in her singing career. While she had always been a great singer, she never imagined a career for herself in singing. She was able to get that career and make herself more successful for it because of the way that she set her mind to things and made sure that she was getting the best of the best when it came to deals with singing.

Norka at MTV:

The outstanding Leadership Qualities of Andy Wirth  

Since 2010, Andrew D. Wirth has been the serving CEO at Squaw Valley Ski. Basically, he is in charge of all matters concerning Squaw Valley resort operations. Previously, Mr. Wirth worked at Steamboat Ski & Resort Company in Colorado, serving in various successive leadership positions in advertising and sales management during his long tenure with the Steamboat resort company.

Andy Wirth lived along the Squaw Valley Road, and his father was a ski patrol at Squaw Valley resort. It was here that he learned and honed his skiing and skydiving skills. In terms of his education background, Wirth graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree, and he also studied at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Andy Wirth’s passion for skydiving almost came to an abrupt end after a losing an arm in a skydiving accident in October 2013. After reconstructive treatment to his arm, Mr. Wirth came across a Navy SEAL team who had come to train at Squaw Valley for winter alpine combat. After forging friendships with a handful of the Navy SEAL members, and holding discussions about skydiving, lost limbs and fatalities, a foundation called Special Warfare Warriors was born. It basically serves to raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation, which assists families of departed SEAL operators and injured SEAL operators who have lost their limbs.

Recently, Mr. Wirth was appointed as the Chairman and President of Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC). RASC serves to promote air service into Reno-Tahoe International Airport as well as constantly identify new prospects for extra flights. The appointment comes on the backdrop of Wirth’s significant role in bringing flights from Alaska Airlines and Jet Blue from John. F. Kennedy Airport to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

Since his rise to the helm of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Mr. Wirth has been a key agitator in climatic change and implementing green initiatives. He has also brought in new project ideas, which have made Squaw Valley more than simply a ski junket. Thanks to his leadership, Squaw Valley is now on the same level with some of the finest ski resorts across the world.

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