Jeffry Schneider – The Mind of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is Ascendant Capital LLC’s creator and founder. He is a native of Manhattan, New York. He studied finance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After college, Jeffry Schneider worked for financial firms around his hometown. During this time he learned how to cultivate and maintain healthy and deep relationships with his clients. He also took an interest in learning knowledge on alternative investments strategies. In 2002, he got a chance to work with the Paradigm global advisors where he topped up his knowledge particularly on analyzing managers. He later used this knowledge in starting Ascendant Capital LLC.


As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has contributed greatly as the company has raised over a billion dollars under his leadership. He has also increased the number of employees to thirty. Jeffry Schneider has worked with known personalities like Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and others. Jeffry Schneider is working hard to achieve his goals in life which include financial success and personal success.


As the CEO he has created a culture of hard work, communication, and trust in the organization. He is dedicated to endeavoring his employees and the company at large. Jeffry Schneider is also productive in his daily activities and demands preeminence from himself.


Jeffry Schneider is also kind and compassionate and has been involved in helping the less fortunate continuously. Some of this charity homes are Gazelle Foundation, wonders and worries, Cherokee children’s home and many others. His acts of kindness show how caring he is towards the community.

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Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions

For individuals who are looking for the best investment opportunities that will not only lead to a high rate of return as well as a low risk rate, one individual in particular stands out to give excellent financial advice that will increase any potential profit from investments within the financial market. This individual is Richard Blair, a self-made individual who is world renowned for his excellent advice which has proven to bring in countless loyal customers to his firm. As an expert within the financial industry, Richard Blair is sought after by seeking out investment opportunity from Wealth Solutions, a financial advisory firm that was founded and developed by Mr. Blair himself.

Wealth Solutions is a financial advisory firm that is currently based in Texas and provides excellent solutions that are specifically tailored to each of the clients of this company. At Wealth Solutions, Mr. Blair and his team believe in forming partnerships with the clients and getting to know not only their future goals, but also what their overall goal and passion is. Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is particularly interested in giving back and making a positive contribution to the small businesses. In the opinion of Richard Blair, the small businesses are exactly what makes the economy stronger at the local level and promotes individual well-being.

Richard Blair is first and foremost a family man who has always respected not only his family, but also tradition in addition to this input that his family has on any matter. Richard Blair uses this respect in his business and treats every single client that comes to him for advice as a member of his family. Richard Blair not only listens to what the client has to say, but also makes sure that their input is heard every step of the way while making the investments.

Wealth Solutions is a company that was officially founded in 1994 as a way to promote and to help the small businesses that wish to grow with the help of expert advice. Mr. Blair and his expert team not only help build the company, but also offer strategies for future growth as well as a well thought out retirement plan. This financial advisory firm has the pure objective of providing unbiased advice that will prove to have the greatest returns. As an expert in this field, Mr. Blair wants to inspire others to make the most out of their business.

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Richard Blair Helps People Plan for Retirement the Right Way

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions. This is a company that has managed to become a leader in helping people that are planning for retirement. A lot of people have had problems with investing, but Richard Blair feels like he knows how to help people that are struggling to create the proper investment plan.

One thing that Blair has managed to do successfully is help people create portfolios that are designed to bring better long term returns on investment. There are a lot of people that have been investing all wrong. They spend so much time chasing after quick returns on investment, but Richard Blair knows that the best way to start retirement planning is through research.

He knows that people will have to find a way to live on less than what they are currently making. Richard Blair also knows that people must factor in their projected life span in accordance with the time in which they want to retire. People that retire early will need to know that there is a need to calculate the amount of money that will be needed in order see when you will actually be able to retire.

The biggest thing that Richard Blair has stated is that there is a need to check the projected income against the project expenses. Lots of people do not know where their money goes when they are working. They assume that they can always simple make more. The reality is that people that are retired are living off of a fixed income. This means that there is going to be a problem with the retirement plan if people do not take the time to figure these things out.

Blair is the person that has made it possible for more people to retire early. He has helped people build up better portfolios with the Wealth Solutions organization. He is teaching people how to slowly build wealth that is designed to last a lifetime. Lots of investors do not know how to build a portfolio that will allow them to recover if things do not go as planned. No portfolio can be completely aggressive and survive. By the same token, no portfolio can be built with moderate stocks throughout and yield sufficient returns on investment. It is Richard Blair that helps people see the light. He can help people recognize the value of finding a balance.

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