Equities First Holdings French Tribune

Equities First Holdings is a loan offering company started by Al Christy Jr in 2002 in Australia. The firm gave the investors a reason to smile since they can settle debts to avoid the collapsing of their businesses. The group offers fast loan to individuals as well as other companies.

When applying for a loan, no colossal security required hence saving time. The company also has specialists who advise other enterprises on the correct format to handle the problematic scenarios of the financial crisis. The workers are trustworthy and work hard to maintain the image of the company.

Equities First Holdings offer margin loan to shareholders. The performance of the shares and stocks is the criterion used to assign the amount of credit viable. The company’s excellent work continues for more than fourteen years. Equities First Holdings has offices in countries like China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

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Greg Secker of Learn To Trade Empowers Traders Through His Talent and Passion

Greg Secker is a renowned trader and investor. His works cover viable investment skills in trading. His job title extends to entrepreneurship, philanthropist , trader and mentor. Greg commits to disemminating successful skills in trading. That is why he has always worked with prospective investors. This is to ensure that they understand the terms involved in trading. Secker is a leader in nature. His skills extend to managerial roles. One of his forte is guiding people in forex trading.

Background Look

To be successful in forex trading, an individual must put in a lot of work. Especially in finding the right platform to put resources to, one must look at a reliable mentor. Greg Secker fits this description. To mentor people, he opened organizations that provide trading lessons. One of the organizations is Learn to Trade. In his capacity as the founder, Secker has shared useful trading skills. Another organization that Secker owns is the Greg Secker Foundation. Through this organization, he has elevated the financial positions of many clients.


Secker’s career commenced at Thomas Cook Financial Services. He worked as financial advisor. Later in the years, he invented the Virtual Trading Desk. Known as the VTD, clients found it useful in monitoring their trading capabilities. They could receive real-time quotes. This elevated their skills and the urge to participat in forex trading. His career vastly progressed to the Mellon Financial Corporation. In this firm, he was lucky to interact with high-profile investors. From this platform, he also established strong entrepreneurial relationships. He used the relationships to elevate his career position. Using the strategies he grasped from these people, he started his trading platforms. Currently, these platforms are instrumental in developing aggressive trading platforms for clients.


Greg Secker’s career is an inspiration to many who want to join the industry. He exudes confidence and commitment in business. He has until now assisted millions of traders to succeed. His strategies have been proven to work for most of these traders. His trading account continues to expand under his insightufl judgement and input.


Greg’s achievements extend to launching SmartCharts besides Capital Index. As the latest trading platforms, the two simplify the business by adding interctivity .