George Soros: Criticized by Right Wing Politicians while Advocating for the Oppressed

According to the Business Inside, George Soros has been under attack by right-wing politicians for many years. Many right-leaning politicians accuse him of trying to change the world order by using his wealth to fund liberal protest movements. George Soros has been accused of funding protests such as the March for Science and the Women’s March. Conspiracy theorists have also accused him of being sinister and nefarious as a puppeteer pulling strings on global politics and the world’s economy. Absurd conspiracy theorists have gone as far as saying he has been working in cahoots with the elite of the world to bring down the world currency. All these claims are however made without proof as to how the former hedge fund manager has been doing all this.


George Soros is very vocal about causes he supports. Soros has on more than one occasion fought for the rights of refugees and criminal justice reform. His criticism of the Trump administration on his stand on refugees earned him a backlash from right-wing politicians. He has however never been cowed by such accusations. In 2004, he funded groups to stop President Bush’s reelection bid. He also spoke out against the war in Iraq exposing him to propaganda from conservative groups. Right-leaning governments across the world have come up with far-fetched theories as to why Soros supports liberal thinking. The Malaysian prime minister accused him of bringing down the Malaysian economy by more than 15%. In Hungary, the government shut down a liberal thinking university he had set up for the people of his home country.

About George Soros

Open Society Foundations reports that George Soros has for years fought for the oppressed in society. His fight for such people resonates personally with his life story given that he grew up in Nazi-ruled Hungary which oppressed Jews like him. He was however fortunate enough to flee to London where he pursued his studies in economics. He later moved to the USA where he set up his hedge fund businesses and multiplied his wealth into the billions he owns today.

Entry into Philanthropy Work

George Soros first engaged in philanthropy during apartheid rule in South Africa. He sponsored many black students to pursue their education at the University of Cape Town. From there, he expanded his philanthropy efforts to Asia, the US, and Eastern Europe. Over the years, the kind of causes he supports have evolved but at the core of these efforts is the fight for the ideals of an open society, which does not oppress others on the basis of who and what they represent.


To fight for the oppressed in society, he increased his philanthropic ventures by setting up Open Society Foundations. This organization is a network of partners and foundations that have come together to advocate for democratic governance, respect for individual human rights, and freedom of expression. Through the society, he has fought for the rights of the LGBTI community, sex workers, and drug uses. Using the society, he has also exposed the world to the benefits of the medical marijuana movement.