Wen by Chaz: The Scientific Method

When the worlds of science and beauty combine, wonderful things are sure to happen. Before delving into any scientific procedure, though, some background information is needed. Emily McClure decided to conduct an experiment as a means to either validate or disprove the claim that WEN by Chaz hair products are worth their price. These luxury products combine all essential hair nutrients into one bottle. Clearly written instructions adorn each label, and the results…well, the results speak for themselves. Take a look at Emily’s scientific method using the Amazon marketed sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner on her fine hair:
The Question:

Will this product work on fine hair?

Collect Research:

The product has solid testimonials posted on sephora.com in its favor, but the specific term “fine hair” has yet to be used.

Construct Hypothesis:

Despite any pessimism, this product will work on fine hair, or hair of any texture, length, and style.

Test Hypothesis Through Experimentation:

Emily began using this cleansing conditioner on her hair for seven days at around the same time. She used the amount suggested on the label, and washed her hair as she always would. Replacing her standard conditioner, however, was a Wen by Chaz product.

Collect Data; Analyze Results:

Making a note of how soft her hair felt with each wash, Emily also began understanding what natural, healthy hair is supposed to look and feel like. When people started taking notice of her naturally wavy hair full of shine, volume, and nutrients, the tester knew that her experiment not only worked, but was certainly worth it!

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Report Results:

There is no denying Emily’s satisfaction with this product so, as a result, she would recommend it to anybody in need of some serious hair nutrients.

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