Mikhail’s dream of curing cancer and aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a researcher who studies cancer and aging. He was earlier a lecturer of oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in New York. He has a Ph.D. in experimental medicine and cardiology from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg. He has worked in the Oncology field as a researcher for many years.Mikhail was appointed as an associate tutor of medicine at New York Medical College in the year 2002.This appointment was prior to his position as a senior researcher at Ordway Research Institute. His key study areas include cancer and targeted cancer therapies which aim at guarding healthy cells from destruction, as well as the underlying mechanisms of aging and anti-aging drugs.He has conducted successive researches and experiments with the hope of developing a permanent solution to cancer and aging. Scores of tests have failed making the researchers to give up. Nevertheless, Blagosklonny never gave up despite the challenges involved in the study. He dedicated his time and energy to developing a solution to the aging threat.

Blagosklonny has developed a hypothesis about the possibility of the TOR signaling playing a role in aging and cancer. He proposed that the use of rapamycin, a popular drug could be a possible treatment for life extension. In the year 2014, a rapamycin analog was shown to nourish immunity in old people.Using the new anti-aging method, people can use the harmless compound in therapeutic products to control the cellular enlargement. Mikhail, aging and cancer researcher has been highly involved in emerging cancer drugs as well as anti-aging medications in the past years. It has taken Mikhail a long time to achieve this success.Mikhail is an author. He has produced many articles about oncology. He works as the Editor in chief at Aging Cell Cycle and Oncotarget. Oncotarget is a customary multidisciplinary magazine offered to the people free of charge. Their papers are printed out on a weekly basis and are at times printed out for individual purposes. Oncotarget aims at enabling people to access research results fast and extensively.

It also yearns to share the impact of research on the people’s lives, provide a platform for sharing of extraordinary discoveries and to fight diseases through the application of pure science.Mikhail is also a member of the Cell Death and Differentiation’s editorial board. Oncotarget is a journal that supports peer review. Under the leadership of Mikhail, Oncortarget has been in a position to register a remarkable growth and accomplishments. Mikhail has been able to publish more than 270 papers in magazines with over 25000 quotations. His work has given him a great author level with more than 15 copyrights.Most of Blagosklonny’s study entails ontogenesis, transduction indicator, and drug resistance in normal cells, growth suppressors, cell progression, mitosis, anti-cancer healing products, and apoptosis.He writes about cell psychotherapy and chemotherapeutic engineering. He is recognized as a zealous researcher in the area of oncology.Mikhail has committed his life to ensuring that cancer patients get a remedy. His vision is to see people living with cancer getting cure with the increased hope of being treated.

Tips for Preparing for a Lifeline Screening

Since its establishment in 1993, Lifeline Screening has offered exceptional screening services to about eight million individuals. Currently, the firm screens one million people per year at more than 16,000 screening events throughout the United States. Below are ways for preparing for a Lifeline Screening.

Preparing for screening

All of Lifeline’s ultrasound screenings are painless, straightforward, and non-invasive. The firm’s screenings need minimal to no preparation. Although some screening involves many hours of fasting, others need short sleeves and loose clothing.

1. Carotid artery disease

When you are visiting Lifeline Screening to screen for carotid artery disease, you should put on a short-sleeved shirt that is open at the collar.

2. Peripheral arterial disease

For this screening, you will have to put on a two-piece outfit, comprising of loose clothing. You can also wear a short-sleeved blouse or shirt. However, you should avoid wearing pantyhose.

3. Elevated C-reactive protein (CRP)

There is no preparation you require before going for this screening.

4. Type 2 Diabetes

In advance of this type 2 Diabetes screening, you will need to fast for at least eight hours.

What to expect from Lifeline before your screening

• Lifeline Screening will ensure your privacy is protected at all times. The firm’s team of specialists will treat you with utmost respect and courtesy.

• The company will assist you in locating a screening event in your locality and make an appointment.

• Avail screening instructions and straightforward answers to all your queries.

• Lifeline Screening will offer you high-quality services at a budget friendly cost.

What to expect during your screening

• Lifeline has courteous screening experts who will welcome you when you arrive at their offices.

• The medical facility will ensure that enough health care professionals are available to conduct the screening.

• The medical professionals will ensure you are well informed.

What is Lifeline Screening?

The main mission of Lifeline Screening is to enlighten people on unrecognized health complications and advise them to seek regular care from their personal doctor. Lifeline is one of the reputable and leading providers of health screenings across the U.S. The institution leverages sophisticated ultrasound equipment and experienced healthcare experts to offer screening services. Qualified and certified physicians conduct an in-depth review of each result to make sure highest standards are met.

Lifeline Screening Social Media: https://twitter.com/Life_Line

Three Plus one Equals Growth for InnovaCare

There are few things better than a triple threat talented professional. And, three power players working in tandum just happens to be at the top of that list. In the case of InnovaCare, Jonathan Meyers, Mike Sortino and Penelope Kokkinides combining their experience to innovate the services provided to patients is a prime example. Without a doubt, this combination and collaberation is a win-win-win relationship for the institution of heathcare, the organization itself, and the people which give it life.When it comes to InnovaCare’s new trio which constitutes the addition to this organization, Jonathan Meyers pulls his weight as a Chief Actuary Officer. In all reality, this is not his first time to hold such a position within an organization. His prior experience includes performing actuary duties for BCMB Horizon, along with focusing on the Medicare and Medicaid systems.

As a matter of fact, his resume includes the title Chief Actuary Officer for Healthcare Partners in New York.The second layer of InnovaCare’s triple tier cake is, Chief Accounting Officer, Mike Sortino who has a bit of experience in his past. Being a controler of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company is just part of that experience. Another part of this is his time serving Blah as Chief Financial Officer with HCC Specialty, for hal/ve of a decade. That is not to memtion his 20 run within the insurance and reinsurance industry. Complementing these years of effort is his time handling public accounting.Rounding out these tres amigos is Penelope Kokkinides, as Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare. Naturally, she fills the position well, due to having more than 20 years of experience of solution finding within government systems.

Medicare and Medicaid healthcare programs and the field of managed care just happen to be her past, and relatively, present specialities. As proof of these facts and her abilities, the mantles Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Centerlight Healthcare are on her resume.And, keeping all of this power, potential and talent under control is, President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for InnovaCare, Dr. Rick Shinto. His past accomplishments include holding the CEO postition for other organizations such as Aveta Inc., and Chief Medical Officer for NAMM California. Those are just name a couple of instances of professional service, in a long line of successes which span over decades. This is only after years of education and research resulting in pioneering scientific breakthroughs in the medical field.

InnovaCare Health: Patients Come First

Most professionals spend their careers jumping from one company to another. There are a few that stick with one company their entire careers, but they usually have a personal connection to the company. Dr. Richard Shinto is a traditional medical professional. Over his 20-plus-year career, Dr. Shinto worked at several institutions.His career started like every physicians’ career; after earning his medical degree. Dr. Shinto also holds two other degrees: a BS from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Redlands. After graduating, Dr. Shinto worked at NAMM California, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management, and Cal Optima Health Plan.Throughout his career, he’s also written numerous articles on clinical medicine. He’s also a practicing internist and pulmonologist. Eventually, he settled down and joined InnovaCare, Inc. Currently, he’s the company’s President and CEO. Rick Shinto is also the CEO of the company’s Puerto Rican Health Plans.

In 2015, Penelope Kokkinides was named Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. This is not the first time that Kokkinides worked at InnovaCare. In years prior, she served as COO of InnovaCare but left to pursue higher positions at other companies. To name one, immediately after leaving InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides was named Executive VP and COO of Centerlight Healthcare.Kokkinides is one of the best at developing clinical programs and working with government programs. She’s spent more than 20 years in the managed care industry. She’s renowned for her innovative health care process and operations management skills. Much of her work goes toward improving efficiencies.

Like many professionals in the medical industry, Penelope Kokkinides specialized degrees. In particular, she holds three Master’s degrees; one being a post-master’s advanced degree. She earned her one of her Master’s degrees from New York University and the other two from Columbia University School of Public Health.InnovaCare Health is a top company in the medical industry. As health becomes an increasing concern for modern society, one hopes that companies like InnovaCare become abundant. Today’s healthcare environment is far too complicated to common people to navigate. That’s where companies like InnovaCare step in.Every division and subsidiary of the company work hard to create better healthcare models of managed care. Quality medical care is always the goal at InnovaCare. That’s why its models have to be cost-effective and driven by quality.

Foresite Capital’s Jim Tananbaum Welcomes Molly He

Recently, Foresite Capital announced Molly He, PhD., as one of their venture partners. This way, the former senior director of Illumina will join the management team at the healthcare growth equity firm. Dr. Molly has over 15 years of experience in the competitive healthcare industry, especially in pharmaceutical and genomic research.

According to Ideamensch, Foresite Capital’s chief executive officer, Jim Tananbaum praised the scientists as a respected researcher and expert in next-generation sequencing. He added that the management of Foresite Capital was thrilled to have Dr. He be part of the leadership team. They are hopeful that she would provide the company with innovative strategies. In addition, Jim recommended Molly’s leadership record noting that such excellence is an invaluable resource for the enterprise. Her inclusion in the company’s leadership team will not only help Foresite Capital to expand its portfolio, but also enhance its growth. Given her past records of accomplishment, the management is optimistic about her contribution to the company.

At Illumina, Dr. He was responsible for global protein reagent innovation and improvements. Her visionary leadership helped the company grow into a leading biotech firm. Before joining Illumina, the scientist worked for Pacific BioSciences as the head of protein sciences. Dr. He has also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over a decade. In the industry, she worked in firms that focus on structural-based design of antibody. She is also experienced in the development of small molecule drugs targeting immune diseases and cancer.

Dr. He’s professional success is attributed to her outstanding academic background. The researcher holds a degree in biochemistry from Nankai University and a doctorate in protein biophysics from the University of California. Dr. He has more than 20 publications and two dozen patent applications.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is the founder of Foresite Capital Management. He founded the healthcare investment company in 2010. Over the years, he has worked hard to bring in other like-minded partners who have played an integral role in the company’s growth. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

In addition, Jim has founded other corporations, including Theravance, GelTex, and Prospect Venture Partners. He is an alumnus of both the Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School. Jim holds a master’s of science degree from the prestigious MIT.

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Jeff Schneider: Committed to Wellness and Charity

jeffry schneider headshot

Jeffry is a business man, philanthropist, father, and adventurer. He owns a company based in Austin, Texas and is an outgoing, friendly person who is eager to share his personal experience with readers on his blog. Most of the time, Jeff shares a traveling story from one of his trips across the nation and talks about the unique aspects of his entrepreneurial lifestyle. By sharing, he encourages people to embrace healthy lifestyles and work towards enhancing their personal development.

Helping others with personal development and health is important to Jeff as he is in a place of reflection and wellness. He is mentally and physically dedicated to his health and the health of others. In doing so, he regularly participates in nonprofit work as a means of growth and personal fulfillment in addition to community marathons and other charity fitness events. As a philanthropist, Jeffry observes that it is not enough to write a check to a charitable organization; it is equally important to participate in its core activities. So that’s exactly what Jeff is doing: focusing his energy on charitable participation.

Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others that are less fortunate while utilizing his leadership skills to make a positive impact. More recently, Jeffry decided to use his skills and resources to a sponsor a charitable organization within his home state of Texas. This group works with impoverished people in Central America and provides them with clothes, food, and shelter in addition to necessary surgeries and medications. Admirably, Jeffry quickly became invested in this organization, and with his encouragement, support, and direction, the group has continued to make improve the lives of the less fortunate.

With his unwavering commitment to charity, Mr. Schneider decided to also use his resources to aid those who are helping others such as Elizabeth Stephens, Dell Children’s Hospital oncology nurse. In her spare time, Stephens travels to Central America to help kids born with cleft palates. Before meeting Jeff, Elizabeth had been using her own money to fund her trips which including her savings. Moved by Stephens’ work, Jeff saw an opportunity to help not only Stephens but also those she helps as well. He decided to reimburse her for all expenses that she incurred on these trips which will enable her to continue providing critical care to children in need. In this way, Jeffry continues to help her achieve success in her endeavors abroad even when he is not present. Dedicated to serving others, Jeff makes it a priority to participate in other’s nonprofit work anyway he can.

Jeffry Schneider

After decades of hard work, he’s decided to take a step back and look at what makes people happy and successful. Now, with his personal and professional life thriving in a culture of altruism, teamwork, and self-care, Jeffry Schneider is living proof that following a personal wellness plan can change your world and the world of the people around you.

For more info, visit jeffryschneidertravel.com.