Ara Chackerian Is A Successful Man

Ara Chackerian is someone who has been working for decades and who has found success through the years in all that he has taken on. This man is someone who is an entrepreneur and an investor and he is also someone who is passionate about helping others. Ara Chackerian is a Managing Partner for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC as well as a co-founder and board member for TMS Health Solutions. This man keeps himself busy with all of the jobs that he takes on, and he does a good job of accomplishing those things that he sets out to do.

There are some who are so engaged with life that they have idea after idea and they work to bring those into reality. When Ara Chackerian was questioned about how he takes his dreams and makes them come true, he shared that he makes a conscious effort to engage life. He is someone who really lives, and through his living he comes up with ideas and ways to make those ideas come to fruition. He was raised to appreciate how fortunate he is to be born into a supportive family and in a country that gave him the opportunity to achieve success. . Check out  page for more background information.

There are things that a person can do to become successful and to stick with their personal journey to find success. When asked about habits that he has that have helped him to find success, Ara Chackerian shared that he does things to help himself stay calm when thinking about the obstacles before him. He will take a break from his work so that he can clear his head and stay calm. He enjoys surfing and trail running and he uses those hobbies to help him stay calm on his journey toward success. He knows that hard things will come up in his life, and he likes having a way to take a break from those hard things.

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InnovaCare Health: Patients Come First

Most professionals spend their careers jumping from one company to another. There are a few that stick with one company their entire careers, but they usually have a personal connection to the company. Dr. Richard Shinto is a traditional medical professional. Over his 20-plus-year career, Dr. Shinto worked at several institutions.His career started like every physicians’ career; after earning his medical degree. Dr. Shinto also holds two other degrees: a BS from the University of California and an MBA from the University of Redlands. After graduating, Dr. Shinto worked at NAMM California, MedPartners, Medical Pathways Management, and Cal Optima Health Plan.Throughout his career, he’s also written numerous articles on clinical medicine. He’s also a practicing internist and pulmonologist. Eventually, he settled down and joined InnovaCare, Inc. Currently, he’s the company’s President and CEO. Rick Shinto is also the CEO of the company’s Puerto Rican Health Plans.

In 2015, Penelope Kokkinides was named Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. This is not the first time that Kokkinides worked at InnovaCare. In years prior, she served as COO of InnovaCare but left to pursue higher positions at other companies. To name one, immediately after leaving InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides was named Executive VP and COO of Centerlight Healthcare.Kokkinides is one of the best at developing clinical programs and working with government programs. She’s spent more than 20 years in the managed care industry. She’s renowned for her innovative health care process and operations management skills. Much of her work goes toward improving efficiencies.

Like many professionals in the medical industry, Penelope Kokkinides specialized degrees. In particular, she holds three Master’s degrees; one being a post-master’s advanced degree. She earned her one of her Master’s degrees from New York University and the other two from Columbia University School of Public Health.InnovaCare Health is a top company in the medical industry. As health becomes an increasing concern for modern society, one hopes that companies like InnovaCare become abundant. Today’s healthcare environment is far too complicated to common people to navigate. That’s where companies like InnovaCare step in.Every division and subsidiary of the company work hard to create better healthcare models of managed care. Quality medical care is always the goal at InnovaCare. That’s why its models have to be cost-effective and driven by quality.

Nobilis Health Saving Lives Today.


Nobilis Health just like other publicly trading companies is dually listed on the NYSE and trades its shares. Experts from Mackie Research Capital like Stanley advise you to acquire yourselves some company shares. His ideology is that since the company offers healthcare with its focus on the increasing aging population and obese people then with time its share value within a year will raise by 72% which is a useful approach to consider.

The company manages over 100 surgical centers offering top notch medical care, patient satisfaction at a low cost. It leads other healthcare facilities around the United States due to its collective leadership skills. The employees are qualified and dedicated towards smooth operations of Nobilis. The core competencies of the company include revenue cycle management, patient recruitment, development and management of surgical centers, staff, facilities and patient lead management among others.

Nobilis runs outpatient surgery centers in liaison with its physicians in Dallas and Huston, Texas. They offer extensive services from spine surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, general surgery, pain management and gastrointestinal surgery. The Nobilis company announced the payment of a $25m debt through GE Capital.

Nobilis acquired the $12 million Athas Health, through the capital funds and was also able to clear some outstanding debts.Nobilis acquired the Northstar Healthcare through a partnership with its outpatient surgery centers. The company was required to adopt the new name in the United States exchange, to avoid confusion. Northstar also holds other entities, and they all trade under that name. Nobilis also uses such partnership agreements to run other healthcare facilities in the US. Some of them are located in Huston, Arizona and in Dallas and are all managed by Nobilis Healthcare.