Drew Madden is an IT expert helping the health sector

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur with an industrial engineering degree. He launched his career at Cerner Corporation, and he has been successful in his career since then. He is passionate about using technology to improve operations in the healthcare sector and also workflow. His experience is over ten years, and that is why he has gained a lot of knowledge and skills to help in the healthcare sector. The entrepreneur loves technology, but he believes that “soft skills” are essential in the adoption of IT and change management. He says that many challenges facing the healthcare IT industry today only a few are related to IT.

The successful entrepreneur believes that there is untapped potential in areas like change management, operational engagement, people and technical skills combined that are essential in the development and transformation of the industry. His company known as Evergreen Healthcare Partners has been solving the challenges facing the healthcare sector. The company is made of people who are not only talented and experienced. They have the best leaders because they have a lot of experience when it comes to healthcare IT. For example, Drew Madden is experienced in Cerner, Payor and Epic Software sector.Madden has also worked for top consulting firms in the country like Huron, Bluetree, Vonlay and Nordic.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is a company that offers interpersonal and technical skills as well as the resources to help customers to succeed in their goals and also to help in transforming the healthcare sector. They also do their best when it comes to empowering their employees. They want them to focus on interpersonal skills, strengths and their career goals. Drew Madden is an entrepreneur who likes working with others.

As a top leader at the company, he believes in working with others as a team. They have come up with some of the best ideas out of the collaboration with others. He works with a creative team of individuals who are happy to come up with ideas that can help solve challenges. He believes that as a team they will change the healthcare sector and do away with some of the pressing problems.