Sanjay Shah On Move To Help Autistic Children


Sanjay Shah is known for own a lot of businesses in the United Kingdom and also for being the original proprietor of Solo Capital Limited. Solo Capital is an investment house located in London but with a branch in Dubai. Sanjay Shah initiated solo capital to conduct entrepreneurship through financial brokerage and investments in the stock market. He initiated solo capital in 2009 and by the year 2011 he had managed to create lots of partnerships to which led to its name Solo Capital Partners LLP. The company practices stock brokerage, financial sports investments and also financial has now been in existence for four years as a holding with a total of 3 directors.

Sanjay Shah, however reported by companyCheckUK, retired from Solo Capital after its stability as it now has a net worth of $15.4million. He did not have enough time for philanthropy during his entrepreneurial time despite donating to organizations like Plan International. In the year 2014, Sanjay came up with a foundation known as Autism Rocks that was an inspiration from his autistic son. The common thing with autistic in children according to Shah is that it is a lifetime disorder and can only be assisted if a child understands how to service themselves with it. Shah has organized live concerts with famous musicians like Drake and Michael Buble to create awareness on the importance of funding autism research.

To improve on the awareness of autism, Sanjay Shah has recently added Will Best, who has studied a music career in the University and has an impressive outlook in the music industry; for being a television present and an event organizer. In addition to will is Pete Best, who also has recorded an illustrious career in the financial market for a period of 21 years. The two trustees are brothers and known to Shah since their university days. Shah believes that they will bring insights to the Autism rocks board and also create new ideas to the success of the foundation. He feels that their skills will greatly benefit the organization this year. Autism Rocks seeks to make communities understand the special conditions of an autistic child and the need to conduct research about the neurological condition.

Autism is under great concern because since 2011 the disease has recorded a rise of 30%. However autism research can help develop support services for the patients and also the detection of the disease early enough will be helpful to the affected in the rest of their lives. Autism Rocks is, however, an invite-only concert where philanthropists attend to make donations for the research. With his music passion, Sanjay has been able to increase the rate of awareness of autism to many people and has been supportive to the affected. His philanthropy will be helpful to the research institutions concentrating on autism and possibly they will come out with support services for the affected children.