The Handy Application

One perplexing problem that consumers face is finding good and trustworthy services to invite into their home to perform repairs or cleaning tasks. Handy is working to change that problem with their new application. The application handles all the details required to book a cleaning service or a home repair service for the user. This is thought a safe and reliable way to hire people to perform those tasks. Today, the Handy Application handles over $1 million dollars in bookings per week. Hanrahan and Dua are very excited about the future of their Handy application and mobile booking.

Handy Cleaners

The fact is that the application is providing a needed service to the customers and the one’s providing the service to the customer. One cleaner believes that the Handy application is like an ATM. Cleaning professionals are able to find customers in an instant over the application. The service providers are able to work the hours that they desire. The average wages for cleaners is about $18 per hour. This is a good starting point, and certainly they are earning much more than minimal wages.

Mobile Platforms

The Handy application founders believe that the future is bright for the Handy application and mobile booking in general. One founder states that society is very mobile drive today. People are very comfortable ordering things over their smart-phone, tablets, or other mobile devices. The Handy founders also relate that they perform thorough background checks on all the people that are a part of the Handy mobile network. The Handy founders truly believe that they are providing an important service to the community and across the country. Currently, people are able to book a cleaning service, repair service, or plumbing service through the application. People in 25 cities across the country and Canada are able to book services. Now, people living in London are also able to book services through the Handy application.

Future Looks Bright For Handy

The founders of Handy are always looking for new markets to conquer with their surprisingly easy to use mobile platform. It is also important to note that people are able to book services through their online website too. The New York based company believes that there is plenty of room for expansion in the mobile booking service market. Presently, they are strongly considering adding several other markets to their booking service. One favored market is furniture delivery.