Securus Technologies Are The Winners In Technology Challenge

Securus Technologies is a well known leader in the criminal justice technology field. They provide high tech and very innovative solutions responsible for safety, investigations, to monitoring services within the criminal justice system. Recently, Securus Technologies issued a challenge to Global Tel Link, concerning who has the top telephone calling platform and top customer service model. Rick Smith represents Securus Technologies and he shared that he would prefer an independent party to evaluate and judge both platforms. Certainly, he believes that Securus Technologies was easily winning the competition because of all the investments that the organization has placed on improving their communication platform.


GTL Technologies

Representatives firmly believe that  Securus is the big winner in the criminal justice technology field because their equipment is far advanced. Certainly, much more advanced than GTL Technologies. In fact, their platform is much older, less efficient, and include less features than the Securus platform. Even former customers of GTL agree that the Securus platform is far better with greater features and better customer service.


Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a provider of criminal justice technology, serving correctional institutions across the country. Their innovative calling platform and customer service has set the standard for comprehensive and innovative technical solutions and customer care.


Misleading Accusations have come to Rest

The world continues to advance with new forms of technology, especially when it comes to internet based forms of communication such as mobile devices and faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection speeds. It’s no wonder that some companies would take advantage of this time of advancement and create products to match the times. Securus Technologies is one such company, and its focus is in finding the time and energy for use in developing communication solutions for a niche type of customer. The customers that Securus supports are inmates currently serving time within the American penal system. Products, such as a mobile application that allows seamless video streaming technology, are used by inmates currently living within prison to communicate openly and freely with their friends and family members on the outside. This product is reliable and high-quality, something that Securus is proud of and that customers of the corporation have come to trust and now. Unfortunately the company itself has fallen under some scrutiny recently by another giant in the information technology industry, GTL.


GTL has claimed that Securus has lost the rights to many of its products, due to an expiration if its patents for its products. This information was released online several months ago by GTL, in the form of several spreadsheets. After further research was conducted by security personnel and some third-party sources it would seem that GT else claims are inaccurate and that their accusations are false. This is good news for Securus customers who rely upon the company for the communication needs, as their products and services will continue to develop under a friendly name that they recognize.


Securus Technology Improving Lives

The leading provider of both criminal and civil justice solutions in technology, Securus Technologies, effectively put forward its case to the United States Court of appeal. The case presented was that the Federal Communications Commission could not add to the rates on intrastate rates.

In just a fortnight, Securus has had two major issues that it has won. Both cases were presented to the US Court of Appeals in accordance with the rates of inmates. To begin with was the permission for a stay in the opinion of the FCC regarding the fees as well as the rates. Secondly, there was an issue that was to do with the unacceptable extension of interstate rates to intrastate rates. The legal bar that is required to get a Stay by the Court is high; however, this firm could handle the challenge.
Apart from being professional and focused on what we do, the court realized that the FCC had sought after inappropriate legal guidance that was only going to threaten the industry. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technology, Smith, believes that with unity, the right public policy concerning the respect of inmate communication can be achieved.
Smith explains their ongoing cases and how they have discussed and debated on the cost, safety and security as well as the influence it will have with the Federal Communications Commission for about 16 years. With all their persistence, the FCC has finally agreed to meet them and from there, progress can take its course.
Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. It is an agency that deals with law enforcement as well as corrections. It serves up to 3450 public safety facilities with more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. This company offers various services with the intention of making the world around us a safer place. Some of the services provided include quick emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, communication, monitoring as well as inmate self-service among others. Connecting what matters is the rule that Securus Technologies pledges to work on. There are many solutions that Securus Technologies can offer.
To make it to the position it is at currently, Securus has had to use fortified strategies to help it grow such as coming up with a software-based sales team to help expand the portfolio, which s more than 800 patented products. These products are mainly for law enforcement as well as correction sectors. The company also introduced more senior sales executives to develop this software that is high-tech.


Securus Technologies is in not affiliated with the Securus America agency site nor the Securus health product.

Securus House is a safe space for domestic violence victims and is also a separate entity.