Securus Making Video Visitation Best It’s Ever Been

When you consider the recent release by Securus Technology about making video communications like YouTube easier than it has ever been before, the reasons for optimism in general start to come forward. On the one hand you have to consider the fact that the people who are being helped are still inmates and are still in prison for a reason. However, when you think about the ability to discuss things, make human contact, and even be able to have real conversation with those who are locked away in prison then you can start to see there may be some real opportunities when it comes to the mobile video visitation ability.
One major thing that the news piece highlighted is that when one individual is uprooted and is sent away for one reason or another, it is very important to try and comprehend what else happens to the family. When an entire family needs to move to be close to the individual who is incarcerated then it can be hard on the family. However, if you choose not to move then you could be stuck not seeing your loved one for an extended period of time (months, years, or even longer). The news of Securus Technologies making real time visitation a reality means less stress on both the inmates and the families.

Thinking about everything from video conferencing to video calling, it only makes sense to include these capabilities into each and every prison or prison system around the globe. When people are being sent to prison it is not so much of a punishment as it is a means of keeping them from doing more bad things and ensuring society is safe from them. When you think about the ability to be able to keep people safe from themselves, however, by stuffing them into a locked cage you are only doing more harm than good.

Any time you can give individuals the ability to communicate with the outside world then you are giving them one more thing to hold onto. As long as any inmate is able to communicate with others and see their families then they may just have a greater opportunity to become rehabilitated, follow the rules, and be able to get out of prison at some point as a much more functional member of society. The key isn’t that you want to harm them, it is that you want them to be able to make a comeback so they can be better than ever before.
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