Helane Morrison: An Appellation Of Inspiration

When I think of a magnanimous representation of a fearless paragon who can light a fire under the financial injustices of all of these big businesses who get their satisfaction out of lies, duplicity, and money theft, it has to be in the form of Helane Morrison. This is a woman who’s made it her life’s mission to cracking down on the corruption and fraud that befalls innocent families at the behest of the wolves who controll the histrionics of guileful capitalism. It all came full circle once Helane put her law degree to good use by finding work as a law clerk and gaining knowledge from Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun to dedicate her life to being the living embodiment of equality and justice. 

I believe that any person who’s innate in the piety of doing good by others who have been on the receiving end of the subterfuge of these companies, whether it’s taking them down for financial fraud or insider trading, is worthy of the kind of prodigious praise that she’s retained. And let’s not forget Helane’s accomplishments with the Securities and Exchange Commission by being the first woman to be appointed Head of Commission and Regional Director, a large feat that pushed her to thwart the lack of gender diversity in the workplace of financial services. Her irrepressible stoicism of course caught the attention of the largest and highly reputable investment advisory firm: Hall Capital. This was a financial firm that exemplified an immutable balance between working with clients in a friendly and honest way, and working with one another to ensure that their success is a reflection of their character; and let’s not leave out the fact that this was one of the few companies that was ran solely by women. Helane Morrison accepted the role of Chief Compliance Officer and also works as General Counsel and Managing Director at Hall Capital and has been thriving in her work.

And if Helane’s work ethics weren’t inspiring enough, look no further than her not-so-stark contrast as a volunteer of various organizations that range from hedge fund accountability, environmental causes like animal rights and the preservation of regional parks all throughout the district of California, and community work for destitute children that involves education and camping to expose them to the wonderment of nature. How could you not adore such a human being who does nothing but powerful and inspiring things. Whether she’s using her job to fight back against the power-hungry crooks at the top bracket or using her compassion as a humanitarian to do right by the community, I think she’ll continue to shake the world for countless years to come.

Learn more about the SEC by clicking on the following link >> http://www.sec.gov/

Yeonmi Park’s Escape from Starvation in North Korea

Back in 2007, Yeonmi Park and her mother crossed the North Korean border at great risks to their lives. Running away from the Hermit State, as North Korea is known, is not allowed, and the punishment for it is death. The two had crossed the frozen Yalu River at night to arrive in China. Yet China is not a very friendly state when it comes to North Korean defectors. So, Yeonmi and her Mom continued. After much ordeal, the two ended up in much friendlier state of South Korea. The journey from the North to South part of this divided country had taken a year. After crossing Yalu River, it continued through Gobi Desert all the way to Mongolian border. The couple had even fallen into the hands of human traffickers at one point. Yeonmi, still in her early 20s, has become a well-known figure by exposing the atrocities of the North Korean Stalinist-like regime. As she claimed, she didn’t know what freedom was. And her father died without ever seeing it. He crossed the border as well, but tragically died of untreated cancer, a faith of many in North Korea. Yeonmi Park’s latest book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” tells her story on NY Times and exposes brutal life in the Hermit State. Yeonmi believes that she and her mother would have starved to death if they stayed in their homeland. Meanwhile, the 33-year-old current leader of the brutal regime, Kim Jong-Un, is living a luxurious lifestyle and is apparently having fun. He’s as bad as his grandfather and father were. He’s known for executing people for no apparent reason. Educated in Switzerland, Kim Jong-Un would probably not amount to anything if he weren’t the next in line. He took over when his tyrannical father died. As his round face indicates, he’s not starving at all. Indeed, the kid is quite obese while his people starve to death.