Bruno Fagali’s Accomplishments In Law

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer based in Sao Paulo. He is well conversant with the Administrative law. He has taken many companies through acquisition and merging agreements. Bruno owns a law firm called Fagali Advocacy. The legal firm specializes in electoral law, anti-corruption law, regulatory law and administrative law among others.

He also works at the Noba/SB a Brazilian advertising agency as its Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/SB carries out advertising campaigns for international organizations such as the World Health Organization, and the International Labor Organization as well as for the Brazilian government.

Bruno Fagali’s education boasts of itself. He holds a Master’s Degree in Administrative and Anti-corruption Law from the University of Sao Paulo. He finished with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Bruno has numerous certificates obtained from a number of short courses and training on law and legal issues that he attended. He is well conversant with the Portuguese, French, Spanish and English languages.

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The Brazilian Attorney started practicing law as soon as he graduated from the law schools. He did his internship in three recognized law firms in Sao Paulo that instilled a sense of success in him. Between 2012 and 2014, Bruno practiced law at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia.

He has attained a number of successes in his career. He has presented not only individuals but also organizations in court cases. Bruno Fagali is the first lawyer to develop a “Code of Conduct” policy for an advertising firm observing the Brazilian national and anti-corruption law. The move has inspired many law firms in the country to comply with legal frameworks within their organizations. He has also taken part in battling corruption in the government. He created an ethics committee in the Nova/SB agency, and the committee championed for equal treatment of all its employees and members. He is a writer, and his works have been published in newspaper and magazines.

Bruno Fagali also lives a normal life as most people do. He lives in Sao Paulo with his family. When not practicing law, he spends most of his time in social and outdoor activities.

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Thor Halvorssen Continues To Expand The Work of The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation could be described as the baby of respected activist and news commentator Thor Halvorssen after he established the activism group in 2005 in a bid to make sure the needs of those living under the rule of tyrants were being addressed. Thor has been involved in campaigns with some of the world’s largest and best known human rights activism groups, including Amnesty International and the Foundation for Human Rights in education, but often feels too much emphasis is now placed on fighting small human rights abuses seen in countries with a long tradition of democracy.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded with a mission to tackle the problems of some of those living and working under the harshest human rights restrictions, which has seen the group look to curate major events addressing these issues. Among the major events orchestrated by Thor Halvorssen for the Human Rights Foundation was the creation of the organization’s International Council in 2006, which saw the Czech writer and political dissident Vaclav Havel to the position of chairperson that he held until his 2011 death; the strong position and events focused on the human rights abuses in Russia have resulted in the appointment of Russian political activist Gary Kasparov as the latest Chair of the HRF International Council. Both Halvorssen and Kasparov have appeared on a range of news networks pushing forward the work of the Human Rights Foundation to audiences from across the political spectrum.

The centerpiece of the human rights community calendar is now the HRF curated Oslo Freedom Forum that is dedicated to bringing together the most important people in the human rights activism community with potential sponsors and supporters from technology backgrounds and the entertainment industry. Held in the same Norwegian hotel as the Nobel Peace Prize, this important annual event also looks to bring new people to the human rights community by using live streaming of speeches and discussions to the Internet to allow as many people as possible to build awareness of an issue not often reported in the mainstream news.

An SEC Whistleblower Attorney Can Help People Reap Rewards


Stepping forward has never been easy. This is particularly true today in the workforce. Should someone notice a problem of any kind, it is not always easy for them to realize exactly how to handle it. While many problems of all kinds can be handled easily without a problem, sometimes larger problems may be readily apparent. Should the worker notice such problems, it may not be easy to decide what to do about them. They may realize they will need to step forward but doing so can be really tricky. They may realize that ultimately this can put their entire department at risk and even have potential problems of all kinds that may cause serious problems for their entire company.

Determination To Speak Up

Despite such problems, some workers today know that they must step out and call attention to a problem they may have noticed. They realize that it is important for them to be able to say what they’re seeing and help correct any problems. Fortunately for those who are willing to be out there, it is possible for them to seek not only the fury of the law but also the protection of the law as well. New laws on the books today are ideal for any employee who helps reveal a serious problem of some kind with any particular agency. With legal help, this process can be made much easier and far less stressful.

Whistleblower Representation Process

One firm, Labaton Sucharow, is wiling to be there for those who need them. In response to brand new legislation offering specific protections for whistleblowers, those at the firm have decided to establish a brand new practice dedicated to the needs of those who are going to be there speaking out against any kind of corruption they may have noticed while working for a specific firm. They are there for their clients at all times, offering the kind of help that people need to speak out with great confidence even when they are worried about the consequences of doing so. Should the person decide to report any problem they have noticed, they will have all proper legal counsel at their side. This can make the difference between being able to speak out and being afraid to do so for fear of losing their jobs. In this way all concerned including the public is able to benefit from their actions. Learn more: