Why Cone Marshall Has Emerged Among Leading Law Firms Internationally

As a focused provider of legal services across New Zealand, Cone Marshall has come up with a dedicated service that has attracted the attention of clients from both the local and international markets. The firm has been offering services in different areas of law and has maintained a seamless system of operation that is ensuring clients benefit from high quality services. To make the delivery of services to clients effective, Cone Marshall has restructured and come up with new policies and systems.

Since its establishment in 1999, Cone Marshall has experienced many changes along the way that have ensured the firm ranks among the most successful, both locally and internationally. It remains the only firm that has dedicated itself to offering exclusive services in tax and estate litigation to clients across the world. Most of the orders the firm has been receiving emanate from overseas markets and are issued by clients who are looking for quick solutions, something Cone Marshall is known to offer seamlessly.

To make different processes a success, the firm has embraced the use of modern technology in virtually all the processes that help in service delivery. This system has also modernized record keeping and eliminated the many risks manual filling systems come with. One can also remotely communicate with the firm and make a request regarding a case without necessarily having to travel to the main offices.

Reviewing the team behind the growth
Over the past one decade, Cone Marshall has experienced tremendous growth. This growth is as a result of the focus the firm has maintained to its course and vision to become the most reliable tax and estate law firm. Several professionals have been involved in the decision making process to ensure Cone Marshall is steered well.

Karen Marshall, one of the key executives behind the success the firm has achieved, joined in 2005 after working in London at several law firms for 10 years. She came in with experience in commercial litigation and was motivated to offer unique services that would help to transform Cone Marshall into an international entity.

Additionally, Karen Marshall has been working closely with Geoffrey Cone, a professional lawyer who has been serving at Cone Marshall since the company was founded. His career as a lawyer began in 1980 and for his wide experience, he is considered an elder. Geoffrey Cone is consulted on a number of issues that are effected to make the firm better.

What You Need To Know About Frans Schoeman, Director At Phatsima Diamond

If you need a lawyer in Bellville, South Africa, you will find that you have many choices. They lawyer you pick will be based on many factors. There are many huge law firms who are willing to take on your case, however, many of these simply can not offer you the special one on one touch of a personal lawyer. It is for this reason, you might want to check into the services offered by Phatsima Diamond and their director, Attorney Fran Schoeman. You might not know Fran on a personal level, however, after he helps you with your legal work, you will leave with a personal knowledge and a personal interaction with Fran that you will be happy to have. Fran feels that a personal relationship with his clients is the best way to give legal advice for many reasons.

Anyone who knows Frans Schoeman on myspace, the director at Phatsima Diamond, already knows that Frans has a phliosophy that bigger is not always better. Frans understands that legal skills are needed to win cases and create success stories. At the same time he understands that people who engage his service need one on one personal attention. This attention is not just about legal details, it is also about all aspects when Frans can offer customer service. Frans knows that, as a legal professional part of his job is to help advise his client. There are bigger law firms who don’t always give this personal one on one service, however, keep in mind that the word bigger does not always mean better. This does not just relate to the legal world, it relates to all aspects of life and business.

As an experienced attorney, Frans is well versed in excellent legal knowledge and experience. With every client he is ready, willing and able to provide advise that is sound and can help offer a solution to the problems at hand. Frans feels that anything less is a disservice to his clients. When it comes to the law, there are many areas of law that Fran Schoeman can help with. He can assist with administrative law, banking law, litigation on a commercial level, insolvency or help with items like civil and criminal litigation, medical law, estates and trusts, transfer of property or family law. If there is one thing Frans Schoeman does well it is offer you top notch legal advice and great customer service. Regardless if you need an attorney now or in the future, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Frans Schoeman and see if he is the right lawyer for your needs. Like many of his satisfied clients, you will leave the law office feeling that you have got legal advice from an old friend you know, like and trust.