Subtle Color Is All Mine With Help From Lime Crime

In my life, I’m about color but I want it to be subtle. Subtle color means that the color I use is color that you can see but you have to look for it. While I sometimes get away with a bit of bright red, in general, I really colors like a more mauve or something with slightly beige tones to it.

This is why I have found it very useful to turn to a company called Lime Crime. Like me, they want so much to have color all over in life but they also know that you have to use in sparingly and avoid being too much in your face with it. I have found it really useful to turn to them for help when I’m thinking about the kind of colors I want to have in my life when I’m using makeup.

Elegant and Understated

Makeup needs to be carefully done in my opinion in order to be something that really works. This is why I go for a product like those at the company offer you.

You know that you can pick out shades from them like Teddy Bear and Moonstone where you can have a look but it’s going to be something that will really work with the modern sensibility that is essential for any look. I often turn to tones like Bleached or Shroom where I can use that color to help offset brightly colored clothing.

A Total Look

At this company, you can really get a total makeup look that works in every single way. Every color they sell here at Lime Crime is color that will bring the modern to your wardrobe. Some days I think about how I want to have really bright colors like that of Red Velvet or Rave or Pink Velvet that will offer something that I know helps me truly express my personality. But some times I go softer.

I know that a softer look is ideal for those days when I just want to consider how far I can retreat from the public face I put on.