Dr. Saad Saad’s Secret to Success

If you read about the long life career of Dr. Saad Saad, pediatric surgeon, you’ll take away one recurring theme. His passion in life was working through goodness and helping others. Oftentimes, doctors are viewed as less compassionate individuals, working in their profession because it pays well. This was merely a reward for Dr. Saad, because his greatest priority at the time was working with a passion to help children heal, and their families too. What was the secret to his success?


Dr. Saad had a modest ubringing, born in Palestine and later relocated to Kuwait. This father had specialty training that would lead them there due to his work. As one of eight children, it was no surprise that he would learn how to share, compromise and work alongside his siblings. His education for what would become his lifelong profession was completed at the University of Cairo in Egypt. He would then seek to further his education by completing his internship in England. Once that was completed, he moved to the United States where he would delve into his full-time profession as a surgeon.


Dr. Saad completed his residency as a pediatric surgeon, knowing that the demands to practice in the United States were rigorous. Eventually, his reputation was so highly regarded in his home country that he was asked to serve for the Saudi Royal Family. It was during this time that Dr. Saad and his family lived in the city of Riyadh. Additionally, he was asked to work in The Protocol Office and King Faisal Hospital, where he would perform the most complex and complicated procedures for children. He was chosen for surgeries for the poorest children to those children that were also of royal descent. His opinions and decisions were taken very seriously, a compliment to his ability to make sound assessments of a patient’s condition. One of the most complex sugeries Dr. Saad performed was on a baby with an aneurysm. This was the youngest baby to have a surgical procedure, and it was through his careful work that the baby survived. Learn more: https://angel.co/saad-saad-2


During the course of his career, he completed several medical missions, and he treated both poor and wealthy children regardless of their status. He learned during his schooling from his mentor, Dr. Othersen, that an individual’s financial status, or mental and physical abilities matter not. The ability to use medicine to save lives is what matters most. This is the secret of his successful 47 year career as a pediatric surgeon. The legacy he leaves for pediatric medicine is great and it’s a tall order for those who follow him.