Rodrigo Terpins Showcases Rally Racing

If your not familiar with the Brazilian racing circuit, you might not have heard of the name Rodrigo Terpins. If you have already heard of him, then you already know how much of an accomplished driver he is. Not only does he participate in the rally races but he also works on the cars and grew up in a family that were all involved in one sport or another. You can check out



Rodrigo and his brother Michael have been involved in cars from such an early age. For as long as they can recall, there was always something going on sports wise which kept them focusing on cars in their spare time. Because Rodrigo was so heavily involved in the scene, he worked hard to ensure that he was disciplined enough as well as to practice patience to be used while participating in a rally.


Rodrigo Terpins operates as the senior director for T5 Partipacoes. During his tenure for the company, Rodrigo has been able to expand the company while helping it to plan some of the largest competitions that Brazil has ever seen. He graduated from Saint Hilaire which is where he learned the skills he needs in order to work in management as well as in corporate governance. Up until the time that he joined T5, Rodrigo held the position of president at Lojas Marisa.


All of the success that Rodrigo has, he credits it all to his friend that has helped him to become the skilled professional that he is today. Rodrigo has been lucky enough to win a number of competitions and has plenty of fans who will show to each event in order to cheer him on. He has won the T1 Prototypes and when you mention his name, it carries weight on the rally scene. He is a well respected man in Minas Gerais as well as in Goias. When he is done in the rally scene, his name will be one of the great legends of rally racing.


Everything that Rodrigo Terpins has touched has been a success and others entering the rally scene turn to him as their mentor, much like he did when he learned from his friend.