The Chainsmokers Discuss Important Message In ‘Sick Boy’ Single

The chainsmokers comprises of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, whom both are American DJs and record producers. The duo has made a significant impact in the music industry in a span of fewer than two years, and their popularity in the field would make one think that they have been in the industry for many years. Their first debut in the industry is when they produced the song ‘Roses’ which made them appear in the top ten. The duo did not stop there, but they continued producing several other hit songs, and thus, gained global popularity.

Due to their exponential success in the industry, their fans developed high expectations in them, and the duo never let their followers down. Taggart and Pall took a different turn into a darker territory with most of their fans supporting their change of music, and showing them great support. Recently, Chainsmokers released a new “Sick boy” which has received positive and massive feedback from their fans.

The chainsmokers new era, which began in 2018, came after the pairing stayed for nine months without producing any single music. As opposed to the previous years where they released a song every month, the duo decided to take an entirely new course. Their main aim is to release songs based on current and emerging issues. The song “sick boy” serves as the first single in their new phase of music. The song is a reflection of what is happening in the current generation, and by releasing that song, they helped in creating a positive impact in the lives of many people.

Anger and Frustrations gave rise to the tone of the song “Sick Boy”. According to Taggart, the world can make you become something different from your real self. People, especially artists, face so many criticisms and negative energy from the people who know them, and also from strangers. Chainsmokers came up with the song “Sick Boy” which addressed all the crazy stuff, and criticism faced by the artist in the music industry.

For instance, young people are currently facing a lot of influence especially in the social media platforms, and that’s why to Taggart, the song “Sick Boy” has an important message which can help people to control how they interact with these platforms to live a healthy life.

Desiree Perez is Leading Tidal to the Top of the Streaming Music Industry

2016 was a turning point for the music industry. For the first time in history streaming music has become the leading revenue source in the 15.7 billion dollar music industry. Streaming music income led to the first double digit growth in the U.S in nearly two decades. Annual sales increased by 11.4% in 2016.

Part of the credit for this success is a result of quality executives. These executives work for some of the most recognizable names in the industry and are leading them to greatness.

Stefan Bloom, Spotify CEO, is adding subscribers at a faster pace than ever before. His leadership has maintained Spotify’s brand recognition and its place among the top of the industry. Steve Boom, VP of Amazon music, has helmed Amazon’s journey into the streaming media arena. Amazon has established itself as a pioneer in media streaming.

Desiree Perez, the COO of Tidal, has led the newcomer to great success. They do not disclose their subscriber number but there are sure signs of success. Sprint acquired 33% of Tidal in a $200 million deal that exposed them to millions of new users. Tidal is also able to offer exclusive content from one of the world’s most famous rappers. Jay Z’s exclusive work has legitimized Tidal in a timely fashion. Jay Z’s foray into the streaming industry was scrutinized from the beginning. His ability to pick the right people have led to Tidal’s success. Desiree Perez epitomizes his strategy. Her knowledge of contract negotiations has been a huge disadvantage.

Desiree’s record of successful business ventures made her the perfect person to handle the business side of Tidal. Her expert guidance has led Tidal to become a major player in the streaming music industry. Desiree Perez’s leadership is leading Tidal to the top of the streaming music industry.