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Living in today’s contemporary society is all about being efficient, especially when it comes to conducting business. Efficiency is the key to success and if you remain efficient for a period of time, you’ll definitely outperform your competitors. This is the case with OSI Group. This innovative food processor has gone global, and it hasn’t looked back. The company has a rich history that starts in Germany. The company’s founder, Otto Kolschowski, burst onto the scene back in 1909. He was just one of many German-immigrants that made their way into the Chicagoland area. This Midwest entry point would go on to be named the “hog butcher of the world.” Back in the day, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. This tiny meat locker fit in very well with the Midwest’s agricultural industry, and it thrived considerably.

As cities all over the country began to spread outward, the economy began to grow mush faster. This period of time is known as the postwar economic expansion. Newer retailors and restaurants were sprouting all over these metropolitan areas, which helped to create more jobs. OSI Group benefited greatly as it began to secure deals with many leading brands. The company relocated from Oak Park, Illinois, to Maywood, Illinois. Otto Kolshowski’s sons were able to secure a deal with an up-and-coming hamburger chain that was known as McDonald’s. By doing so, OSI would become of the restaurant’s top suppliers of beef. When the cryogenics revolution came onto the scene, OSI Group was able to expand its services by leaps and bounds because the fresh meats could now travel for longer distances.

As of today, OSI is a multinational food provider. Thanks to the company’s great leadership, it has been able to make plenty of business acquisitions. Tyson Foods and Flagship Europe was just two of its major acquisitions in 2016. All in all, OSI Group isn’t going anywhere in the near future, and it will continue to provide the best services in processing, in development and in sourcing for the foodservice industry.

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The Journey of David McDonald to the helm of leadership at OSI Group

From an early age when David McDonald was growing up on a farm in Iowa, he showed great interest in Agriculture. He grew up working on his family farm, and this gave him a sneak preview of what agriculture entailed. He would consequently establish passion in dealing with animals and cultivated this love every single day he spent on the farm. Little did he know that his passion would someday land him the Presidency of a multi-national food company. His journey to the top was heavily favored by his agriculture background and also his education background.

David attended Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. According to McDonald, he was lucky to have very supportive parents who encouraged him and supported him through his journey to success. Today David McDonald is the president of OSI Group, a global food company that has made a legacy as the top food manufacturer with branches all over the world, including China and Germany.

David McDonald joined OSI Group soon after completing his studies at Iowa State University in 1991. He started as a normal employee but his knowledge, dedication, and passion for the work fueled him to management positions. David would experience massive success while at the helms of power and continues to do so today as the current President and Corporate Operations Officer of the food company. Under his watch, OSI has grown to a global food company with outlets on virtually every corner of the earth. He has also led the group to a series of major acquisitions and mergers, the latest being in Australia with Turi foods. OSI Group acquires Flagship Europe.

Via their child company, OSI International Foods (Australia), the company has successfully completed a merger with Turi foods, which effectively summarizes all their operations in Australia. They will now operate under Turosi Pty Ltd, which was formed after the merger. McDonald says that the merger between Turi and OSI will increase their potential to serve their collective customers more effectively. He adds that the merger gives them an opportunity for the two teams to operate and work towards more progress under the new Turosi.

More about David McDonald

David is a highly philanthropic person and has pledged lifelong support to a string of charities and noble initiatives among them St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Ill and Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative in Iowa State. David has also pledged lifetime support to Iowa State University and he also supports his fraternity by giving out fully funded scholarships.

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The New Expansion Plans for OSI Food Solutions

Chicken products in Spain and Portugal have been experiencing increased demand. The growth has been consistent over the past ten years, but recently it has shifted from 6% to 8%. Jose Maria del Rio, the Managing director of OSI Food Solutions, is optimistic that the trend is expected to be persistent in future. Following the positive results, OSI Food Solutions Spain increased their chicken processing capacity. Initially, the OSI Group would produce 12,000 tons per year, but it can now deliver twice the number. Cumulatively, the company can now manufacture 45,000 tons of beef, chicken, and pork products.

Increasing the production quantity required the OSI Food Solutions to restructure their building so that they can have adequate kitchen space to meet all the needs of their consumers. Besides, the move has led to the hiring of twenty additional staff to serve in the production line unit and other areas within the firm. The management focused on obtaining personnel that is committed and with leadership skills to oversee the new product development.

David McDonald, the President and COO of OSI Group who is highly experienced in global business was pleased with the expansion plans made in the Toledo, Spain branch. The development was beneficial to the company as it led them to receive donations from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund to finish the expansion project. The government was pleased with the firm’s input towards caring for the environment. OSI Group was installing new production equipment that consumed less energy by 20% and supported a cogeneration and refrigeration system that boosted energy efficiency.

Globally, OSI Group has more than 20,000 workers. The CEO and Chairman of the firm, Sheldon Lavin is pleased with the progress has made over the forty years it has been in operation. In 2016, he received the Global Visionary Award and the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award. In addition to the personal recognition, the company has also been honored repeatedly.

Before the recent expansion plans in Toledo, Spain, OSI Group acquired new properties in 2016. In Chicago, they bought a processing plant and warehouse and later ventured into the international market through the acquisition of Baho Food. They then purchased Flagship Europe that was under the Flagship Food Group and renamed it Creative Foods Europe. The OSI Food Solutions was the company’s most recent acquisition. The firm aimed to increase its production capacity and serve their international clients.

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David McDonald And OSI Are Setting The Standard For Global Food Service

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. He graduated from Iowa State in 1987 with a degree in Animal Science. He started working for OSI Group after he graduated college. David McDonald is an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods and sits on the Board of Directors at the North American Meat Institute.

David McDonald understands that the only way to survive in business is to evolve. Customers change, and businesses must also change. In some cases, business creates what people want. David McDonald’s core values are to grow David McDonald OSI Group by making customers and the environment essential standards.

OSI Group acquired Baho Food as a way to grow. David McDonald wanted to expand into Europe. Baho Food shares OSI Group’s dedication to treating customers like family.

OSI Group has grown as a leading food processing company in China for over 20 years. The company began by supplying food to McDonald’s in 1992. OSI Group supplied food to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and the company did not receive any complaints. In China, OSI supplies food to Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Saizeriya, Starbucks, Subway, and Taco Bell. For more info about us: click here.

Most global companies act locally. OSI Group is truly global with roots in diverse areas such as China, Europe, and the United States. OSI Group recognizes that tastes change among people, especially people in different cultures. The types of food consumed in China is not the same as the types of food consumed in the United States. The same is true with Europe. OSI Group credits their worldwide service success to understanding different cultures. The company follows food consumption trends, and they always provide their customers with the food they want to eat.

­ OSI Group is planning to open seven new production and processing facilities around the world. David McDonald is proud of how much OSI Group grows, and vows to continue to grow and remain significant to customers.

OSI Group

OSI Group is dominating the scene of the Food Solutions Industry. This privately held entrepreneurial company is in an exclusive club, but on another level when being compared with it’s contemporaries. The company is thought of as the worlds leader in Food Solutions and has up to 60 different plants across the globe with some being in Geneva, Chicago, West Chicago, Iowa, Oakland, Utah, Wisconsin, and Riverside, California. Besides that the company spans across 16 countries worldwide. OSI Group has been rapidly growing ever since it’s inception back in 1909.

The small family owned meat market was known as “Otto & Sons” in those days and over the coming decades, it built a nice reputation for providing good quality meats to the public. Currently this one-time meat market has grown into a full staff of 20,000 employees. This company was one of the first high-volume meat plants in the country and with it’s popularity came new prospects. McDonald’s founder/CEO built a strong relationship with Otto & Sons and the company became the famous restaurants main supplier of meat during the late 60’s.

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OSI Group seems to have a hand in everything and many of the food items that people buy from their local markets come from OSI. Many of today’s leading private labelled brand foods are from OSI Group whether it being hotdogs, beef, bacon, fish, dough products, poultry, veggies, and pork. Check out these benefits of service:

  • OSI’s Vast Network Allows Clients To Leverage The Global Supply Chain
  • Greater Financial Flexibility
  • Understands Consumer Needs and Creates A Customized Solution
  • Cost Savings and Stability
  • Honesty and Ethical Business Practices
  • Cutting Edge Technology Trends

The company’s facilities has received numerous awards throughout the years as well in Environmental Management, Management of Health, and Safety. It seems like the company can do no wrong and that it’s only getting better as time passes. OSI Group is no fly-by-night company that are looking for a quick buck. Strong relationships are built by trust and this company epitomizes this very notion.

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