Leader, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist: Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry SchneiderJeffrey Schneider is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of Ascendant Capital. He also works as the CEO of the company. Before Ascendant Capital, he gained lots of experience while working for Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He is also known for his philanthropic efforts in that he has participated in activities that promote charitable organizations and in helping the underprivileged.

Jeffrey Schneider studied in the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he graduated bachelor’s degree in arts. He has had more than 25 years working in financial services, he has also made an extensive network of both private and public pensions, he has served in global financial companies, and family offices. In Ascendant capital he leads the firm of over 55 employees, in distribution, structuring, offering security and servicing its partner GPB Capital Holdings, via AAS (Ascendant Alternative Strategies). He ensures that every advisor’s business is improved by giving them alternative products to invest in so as to multiply whatever they are offering and this way the portfolio of the client becomes stronger.

Jeffrey Schneider’s success is attributed to his dedication to doing what he loves (his work) for up to 18 hours a day. He also owes part of the achievements to the employees who work collaboratively in a culture that has gone a long way in ensuring that all the business ideas have been implemented well. He believes in investing more on the alternative assets other than the traditional assets.

Jeffrey Schneider is a hard worker who will stop at nothing to do the best of he loves. He believes in transparency and accountability for every job that should be done. He is compassionate, charismatic and a visionary investor and who loves his family. He also loves travelling and making connections with experts who share same business ideas.

Stream Energy Charity Efoorts

Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy sales company that has charity written in it’s history. Stream Energy has recently started the Stream Cares foundation to help prevent homelessness in the Texas area for victims of Hurricane Harvey. They have partnered with the Hope Supply Company.


It is done through allied giving. The employees at Stream energy are paid to build a loyal clientele base that distributes various types of services. Both urban and corporate services are offered. The associates commissions through this energy sales process, from there they are able to select what type of charity they would like to support as a thoughtful, ardent personal. One of the more favored options they have addressed is homelessness throughout the state of Texas. They have done this through hope and raising awareness, along with community paying it forward opportunities.

Partnering with Hope Supply Company

Each year Stream and Hope partner up and host an event that provides homeless children the opportunity to join them in going to the local water park with all expense paid. This opportunity leaves a lasting impression on these children and provides the employees of Stream as well as Hope to share leadership to the younger generations they get to help and share memories with. In 2016 Stream matched the funds donated from its associates for the victims of the tornado that struck Texas.

Stream strives to find new opportunities to pay it forward for the community, especially those opportunities that allow their employees to participate. Because Texas is one the states that usually has resistance on paying it forward, the efforts provided by Stream Energy to date have greatly impacted that entirely. By paying it forward one day at a time as anything in life goes, Stream is slowly, but surely raising the rates of generosity throughout the Texas area. One person and one dollar at a time for those in need of help. This goes to show that you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Stream Energy’s Philanthropic Activities in the United States

Stream Energy is an energy selling company and offers protective, wireless, Virtual MD, digital voice solutions and other home services to its customers. The company has generated more than $8 billion in revenue since its innovation in 2005. Besides Texas, the company is available in Georgia, Illinois, Delaware, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. Stream Energy believes that philanthropy is part of its daily agenda and in line with that initiative, the company launched Stream Cares as a vehicle to deliver its charities to the community. The company has engaged with the Texas community for the last twelve years.

When Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston and its environs, many companies watched in disbelief as the floods damaged property and killed many Americans. However, Stream Energy acted fast in assisting the affected communities by providing relief and other humanitarian services. In Dallas, Stream Cares collaborated with Hope Supply Co. to sponsor over a thousand homeless children free entrance and meals to an annual splash for Hope. The occasion saw the children leave the event with gifts money from Stream Energy employees. Hope Supply Co. has supported the homeless with diapers, school equipment, and clothing for over more than four years in conjunction with Stream Cares Foundation.

In 2016, Stream Cares assisted tornado victims from Northern Texas on Boxing Day. Stream Energy together with its employees acted swiftly to help the victims. The company involved its over 200,000 associates and Salvation Army to raise money for the victims who lost their businesses and homes. The initiative raised thousands of dollars, and the company contributed double the contribution of each associate. The company hosted veteran Dallas former military veterans and their families in an event dubbed Operation Once in a Lifetime. The event’s participants enjoyed free transport and a special meal of steaks, burgers, and ribs at a top Texas restaurant. Ten daughters of military employees took part the following day in a fully paid event called American Girl Doll Experience co-hosted by Stream Cares. The participants enjoyed lunch at the American Girl Cafe, and they each selected an American Girl doll.


George Soros $18 billion Donation to Open Society Foundations

In the recent past, numerous foundations have been established with the key objective of alleviating holistic poverty among the people. Their main focus has been to make the world environmentally sustainable and free from human injustices. One such generous foundation in the world is the Open Society Foundations founded by George Soros in 1979.George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation and moved from Budapest to London in 1947 where he became a part-time railway porter and night-club waiter to aid his education at London School of Economics. Soros began investing in the United States in 1956 and this marked the beginning of his success before establishing the Open Society Foundation in 1979.

According to the Open Society Foundations’ website, this foundation is a network of foundations, projects and partners in over 100 countries. It works to promote human rights, combat authoritarianism and aid “marginalized” groups like the minorities and refugees. According to spokesperson Laura Silber, over $14 billion have been spent by the foundation since 1980s and is currently valued at $18 billion. She further indicated that it is ranked the second largest charity basing her argument on the National Philanthropic Trust.The Open Society Foundation provided scholarships to South Africans in 1979 and assisted in promoting free expression in Hungary by funding academic visits to the West in 1980. Soros become the founder of Central European University which is the leading regional social sciences study centre. After the Cold World War, Soros extended his philanthropy to Africa, United States, Asia and Latin America advocating for democratic, transparent and accountable societies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mr. Soros has, for decades, annually funded the Open Society Foundations through about 800 million or $900 million. However, in 2017, he increased his donations to $18 billion in line with his estate planning, bringing his total giving to the foundations since 1984 to over $30 billion. The foundations have also donated university and school fees for numerous bright students and supported the discriminated members of the society.Mr. Soros has consistently been committed to fighting the world’s greatest intractable challenges throughout his legacy. He is famous for emphasizing the need to tackle losing causes through both private and public fora. This has seen him gain respect and adoration the world over. His fortune is managed by Soros Fund Management that oversees endowment investments of the Open Society.

George Soros Makes Massive Donation to Charity

George Soros scored headlines around the world when it came to light that he had donated nearly $18 billion to his charity organization, the Open Society Foundations. Over the past several years George Soros has been moving his money to the OSF in order to help his philanthropic outreach remain operating at the highest of levels. The Open Society Foundations is doing work in over 100 countries around the world as it seeks to help fight for social justice, transparent government, democratic values and other progressive causes. Let’s lean into George Soros’ story and learn a little bit about one of the most noted philanthropists and progressives on the entire planet. Soros has made sure to leave a legacy behind that shows he is so much more than just a billionaire. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations is going to be the statement that Soros makes which will cement his legacy as a philanthropist and progressive for the history books. The Open Society Foundations was founded nearly 30 years ago as a hub for progressive charity work to be done all around the world. The OSF was created because Soros wanted to find a way to reach out in order to impact countries and regions that needed help. The OSF has helped a variety of the world’s most vulnerable people throughout its existence. From the persecuted Roma people to Apartheid era Africa all the way up to 2014’s Ebola outbreak, the OSF has been making an impact. George Soros believes so strongly in his charitable organization that for the last two years he has been pushing in nearly $18 billion of his own wealth into the charity!

When Donald Trump was elected to President, Soros made an immediate $10 million donation to the OSF. His goal was to put money in place to fight back against the wave of hate crimes that were surging across the United States as a result of Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric. Even though that was a massive donation, it was only the beginning. Recent reports revealed that George Soros has put in a sizable portion of his entire net worth into the charity. His goal is to engineer social justice, awareness, and progressive change around the world and he’s putting his money right where his beliefs are. As a result, Soros fell straight down the list of wealthiest people in the world. Know more on cnbc.com about George Soros.

Laura Silber is the CCO at the Open Society Foundations and she was requested to make a comment regarding the sizable donations. Silber said, “We’re going to operate as dictated by the needs and opportunities around the world, continuing to advance justice, human rights and democratic practice.” Silber’s strong words are going to serve as a rallying point for progressives globally who all seem unsure of which direction to go with President Trump’s catastrophic regime put in place. The progressive world needs someone like George Soros now more than ever and it is safe to say he is living up to his billing with the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros: Criticized by Right Wing Politicians while Advocating for the Oppressed

According to the Business Inside, George Soros has been under attack by right-wing politicians for many years. Many right-leaning politicians accuse him of trying to change the world order by using his wealth to fund liberal protest movements. George Soros has been accused of funding protests such as the March for Science and the Women’s March. Conspiracy theorists have also accused him of being sinister and nefarious as a puppeteer pulling strings on global politics and the world’s economy. Absurd conspiracy theorists have gone as far as saying he has been working in cahoots with the elite of the world to bring down the world currency. All these claims are however made without proof as to how the former hedge fund manager has been doing all this.


George Soros is very vocal about causes he supports. Soros has on more than one occasion fought for the rights of refugees and criminal justice reform. His criticism of the Trump administration on his stand on refugees earned him a backlash from right-wing politicians. He has however never been cowed by such accusations. In 2004, he funded groups to stop President Bush’s reelection bid. He also spoke out against the war in Iraq exposing him to propaganda from conservative groups. Right-leaning governments across the world have come up with far-fetched theories as to why Soros supports liberal thinking. The Malaysian prime minister accused him of bringing down the Malaysian economy by more than 15%. In Hungary, the government shut down a liberal thinking university he had set up for the people of his home country.

About George Soros

Open Society Foundations reports that George Soros has for years fought for the oppressed in society. His fight for such people resonates personally with his life story given that he grew up in Nazi-ruled Hungary which oppressed Jews like him. He was however fortunate enough to flee to London where he pursued his studies in economics. He later moved to the USA where he set up his hedge fund businesses and multiplied his wealth into the billions he owns today.

Entry into Philanthropy Work

George Soros first engaged in philanthropy during apartheid rule in South Africa. He sponsored many black students to pursue their education at the University of Cape Town. From there, he expanded his philanthropy efforts to Asia, the US, and Eastern Europe. Over the years, the kind of causes he supports have evolved but at the core of these efforts is the fight for the ideals of an open society, which does not oppress others on the basis of who and what they represent.


To fight for the oppressed in society, he increased his philanthropic ventures by setting up Open Society Foundations. This organization is a network of partners and foundations that have come together to advocate for democratic governance, respect for individual human rights, and freedom of expression. Through the society, he has fought for the rights of the LGBTI community, sex workers, and drug uses. Using the society, he has also exposed the world to the benefits of the medical marijuana movement.

Betsy DeVos Talks About How She Got Started With School Of Choice

Betsy DeVos co-founded The Windquest Group with her husband Dick DeVos and now holds one of the most important jobs as Secretary of the US Department of Education. DeVos was chosen to this position not only because of her high acumen and tremendous business accomplishments, but also because as a political activist she helped change many things in Michigan’s education system. Philanthropy Roundtable interviewed her back in 2013 to find out a little more about why education was so important to her endeavors.Betsy DeVos admitted as a parent with the financial means, she could send her children to any school she wished. But she wanted other families to be able to have the same privileges as her own family, so in 1992 the Education Freedom Fund was founded in partnership with the American Education Reform Council to fund grants and scholarships making private schools more affordable for lower income families. She was also the founder of the Great Lakes Education Project which became a cornerstone for charter schools in Michigan.

DeVos also mentioned other states such as Louisiana where she was part of a grassroots coalition to promote a voucher program for parents to enroll in for private schools. In 2010 Betsy and her husband Dick opened a large charter school in Grand Rapids known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a science-based school that admits a diverse group of students.Betsy DeVos’s personal background includes being the daughter of now deceased Michigan manufacturing tycoon Edgar Prince who was also a philanthropist and activist. The Prince family was joined with the DeVos family, the founders of multilevel marketing giant Amway Corporation when Betsy married Dick DeVos Jr. Dick and Betsy took their business acumen from Amway to start their own alternative investment firm known as The Windquest Group which has been the supporting company behind their foundation.

Beyond the schools and universities Dick and Betsy have donated to, they’ve also supported art competitions such as ArtPrize and had the University of Maryland’s Institute for Arts Management renamed for them.Leading up to Betsy’s selection to be Secretary of Education, she was actively raising funds for candidates including former President George W. Bush who also vocally supported Dick DeVos’s run for governor in 2006. Betsy was chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party twice and was often cited as the biggest attack dog on then Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm. In the coming years Betsy DeVos also supported the Romney campaign and in 2016 began supporting Jeb Bush and later Marco Rubio. She initially had said Trump was unfit to become the Republican Party’s nominee, but upon his election to the presidency, she proclaimed it would be an honor to work with him.

Source of the article : http://www.betsydevos.com/education/

Bruce Levenson Wants Do Good Institute To Be A Model For Future Philanthropists

Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen started Do Good Institute in 2011, and now that he’s retired from owning an NBA team and the business world he’s devoting much of his time to this institute at the University of Maryland. Students have the opportunity to create a non-profit group and put together creative initiatives to make it successful. One student even started a food conservation program for food that would have otherwise been thrown out. The lab work allows students to give $10,000 to any charity they wish to support. According to PR News, Levenson sees a big opportunity to bring young business minds into the world of giving and keep non-profit groups running instead of failing.

Bruce Levenson grew up in Washington D.C. and has done most of his business and non-profit work there. He got his bachelor’s degree from Washington University and went to law school at American University. Not long after Levenson completed his education, he and Ed Peskowitz started a technology publication business known as Unified Communications Group (UCG). Oil Express was the first magazine published by UCG, but as the company evolved over the years it became more focused on technology research, mortgage banking and healthcare. Levenson was also a founding member of TechTarget and BIA Digital Partners.

Levenson and Peskowitz purchased the Atlanta Hawks along with Atlanta Spirit, LLC in 2004 and owned the team and its arena for 12 years (http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks). In 2015 Levenson and the other owners elected to sell their shares to Tony Ressler’s group. Just one year prior Levenson had taken the team to the Holocaust Memorial Museum where he’s been involved with programs for young people and also has had his wife come in to tell her story. Levenson once wrote a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to consult with then Secretary of State John Kerry about peace talk settlements regarding giving up some territories.

Visit Bruce Levenson‘s personal website: brucelevenson.com