Betsy DeVos: Pleading for a Better Education System in the United States

Before anything else that she doesn’t life, Betsy DeVos is a wife and a mother. She understands how important it is to love a child and want them to do well. Her position as Secretary of Education has given her a special platform for which to advocate for individuals who do not have the ability to advocate for themselves. This is also something that she learned as a mother. Mother’s will do anything for their children and they want them to be better than they were themselves. One of the avenues that they look towards to help meet that goal is education. What happens when a parent feels as though their child’s education is substandard? All of the hopes and dreams that they had for that child are shattered and they can often feel very powerless in the process. This frustration affects more than just the child’s day at school.


Philanthropy Roundtable gives readers a better look into the motivations of Betsy DeVos through her previous interview that discusses “school choice”. School choice has been on the minds of the American public for many years but they have been hesitant to pull the trigger. To push against the public school education system would be like putting a hole in your own boat. A lot of people feel as if the public school system is the only option for them, especially if they are from a lower income family. Betsy DeVos has been pushing for school choice specifically for these individuals. She wants them to understand that there are options available to them. Additionally, she wants to use her position to help create more resources for these families. Her goal with private education is not to alienate people of lower incomes but to increase the education level of the entire nation.


The only way to ensure that the education in the United States remains competitive is to challenge it. This attitude of malicious complacency is not the answer to the growing problem in education. Individuals like Betsy DeVos are pushing because they don’t see it happening on an individual basis. Parents can learn a lot about the education system by viewing some of the things that are most important to Betsy DeVos and her administration. Her work is centered around the goal of furthering education in all groups of people from very different walks of life. As she continues to serve in her role there is hope that she will find a way to overhaul and consolidate both the public and private systems in America.


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George Soros Using Philanthropy to Bring Changes in Societies

George Soros is a well-known billionaire who has spent large sums of money amounting to over $12 billion on philanthropic activities across the globe. Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. He endured Nazi occupation in which more than half a million Hungarian Jews lost their lives. His family and those of other Jews survived these turbulent times by hiding their identity. Based on his profile on Open Society Foundation, Soros attests that they did not only manage to resist the evil spirit that was about to end their lives prematurely but also they were able to rescue other families that faced death.

In 1947, George Soros moved from Budapest to London and joined London School of Economics. While in college, he partly worked as a waiter and a railway porter to pay for his school fees. Later, Soros relocated to the USA where he became a businessperson and over the years, he rose to become a famous entrepreneur and a figure in charity activities.

Soros first set up the Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund firm; then he used the proceeds from the company to start Open Society Foundations, which comprises of foundations, projects and partners spread in over 100 nations across the globe and what George Soros knows.

Soros’ entry into philanthropy dates back to 1979 where he supported the education of black citizens in South Africa. His involvement in this charity ushered him into supporting a series of other activities that focus on promoting transparency, justice and equality, freedom of expression, justice, and accountability in governance and read full article.

The creation of Central European University, funding cultural exchange among the people of Eastern Europe and those of the Western countries, and the donation of photocopiers for reprinting banned texts are Soros’s early philanthropic contributions.

After the end of the Cold War, George Soros spread his charity activities to other continents including the United States, Africa, and Asia. His philanthropy in these areas was mainly focused on promoting and strengthening democracy. Today, Soros is still supporting a multitude of organizations and activities geared towards his philanthropic objectives. At the age of 86, Soros continues to make numerous visits to various parts of the world to urge leaders to make appropriate policy changes and learn more about George Soros.

According to the Business Insider, George Soros, whose wealth is estimated at $25 billion, has had a significant impact in politics by donating colossal sums of money to support his political inclinations. Soros is well known for funding groups that were opposed to the reelection of George W. Bush. The philanthropist has also been vocal in criticizing the Iraq war and Follow him

Despite attracting strong criticism from various corners for supporting what he believes in, Soros continues to use his Open Society Foundation to push for meaningful changes in various societies and more information click here.

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Former AmWay President Dick DeVos Has An Impressive Career To Look Back On

The first thing I wish to note about this article is that Dick DeVos is showing no signs of slowing down as a business leader and philanthropist; as much as this is a simple look back on his career I would like to point out Dick seems to still be enjoying his career as an investor through his own The Windquest group. In recent years, Dick DeVos has used The Windquest group a higher profile alongside his wife and investment partner, Betsy DeVos; the company is not only dedicated to bringing the best investments in alternative energy and technology to the world, but also to providing Grand Rapids, Michigan business owners a larger level of recognition. The Coppercraft Distillery is a fine example I have first hand knowledge of that has benefited from investment from Dick DeVos, with the small craft distiller now seeking to gain national recognition and expand its tasting room operations.

AmWay is the business Dick DeVos is best known for being associated with, but his first major impact on the company founded by his father Richard came over a year after he joined the company in 1974. DeVos seems to have always understood the need to find new areas for investment and growth within any business, and I am sure his promotion to head of international business development for AmWay in 1986 was based on his skills. Over a short six year period as the leader of the international business area Dick DeVos impressed me by overseeing a rise in this area from five percent of annual sales to over 50 percent.

Dick DeVos has impressed me in many ways over the course of his career, but his ability to understand when a major opportunity presents itself is something I have never questioned. The major campaigner for education reform across the U.S. has spent time as the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and oversaw one of the most successful periods in the history of the AmWay group. The impressive work undertaken by DeVos over the course of his career has resulted in him amassing a fortune of over $5 billion, which he uses to try and improve the lives of people from across the country through his philanthropic work.