Former AmWay President Dick DeVos Has An Impressive Career To Look Back On

The first thing I wish to note about this article is that Dick DeVos is showing no signs of slowing down as a business leader and philanthropist; as much as this is a simple look back on his career I would like to point out Dick seems to still be enjoying his career as an investor through his own The Windquest group. In recent years, Dick DeVos has used The Windquest group a higher profile alongside his wife and investment partner, Betsy DeVos; the company is not only dedicated to bringing the best investments in alternative energy and technology to the world, but also to providing Grand Rapids, Michigan business owners a larger level of recognition. The Coppercraft Distillery is a fine example I have first hand knowledge of that has benefited from investment from Dick DeVos, with the small craft distiller now seeking to gain national recognition and expand its tasting room operations.

AmWay is the business Dick DeVos is best known for being associated with, but his first major impact on the company founded by his father Richard came over a year after he joined the company in 1974. DeVos seems to have always understood the need to find new areas for investment and growth within any business, and I am sure his promotion to head of international business development for AmWay in 1986 was based on his skills. Over a short six year period as the leader of the international business area Dick DeVos impressed me by overseeing a rise in this area from five percent of annual sales to over 50 percent.

Dick DeVos has impressed me in many ways over the course of his career, but his ability to understand when a major opportunity presents itself is something I have never questioned. The major campaigner for education reform across the U.S. has spent time as the CEO of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and oversaw one of the most successful periods in the history of the AmWay group. The impressive work undertaken by DeVos over the course of his career has resulted in him amassing a fortune of over $5 billion, which he uses to try and improve the lives of people from across the country through his philanthropic work.