Entrepreneur Adam Milstein Dedicates Himself to Cultural Identity

Real estate entrepreneur Adam Milstein is well-known for the success he has achieved in the industry. However, his true passion and real influence lies within the area of philanthropy that he has so passionately pursued to the present time. As an Israeli citizen residing in the United States, Milstein understood the importance of being connected with one’s roots to Israel and advocating for others of the same culture. The dedication to helping others ultimately led to the creation of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

The foundation created by Milstein and his wife Gila has currently given out over 70 grants to different organizations across the globe. Milstein’s efforts focus on educating Jewish youth on their cultural history and the bond that they have with Israel. Much of the work is geared towards groups on college campuses and helping to learn understand pro-Israel ideals through education and fellowship.

As a prominent philanthropist, Adam Milstein devotes his time and resources to other organizations that share a similar cause. He serves on the board for various foundations that are located in the United States including the Jewish Founders Network and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. The Israeli-American Council, which Milstein helped to create, is one of the most rapidly growing Jewish organizations in the country. For more info about us: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdamMilstein click here.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. He completed his compulsory service in the Israeli Defense Forces and afterwards enrolled at the Technion, otherwise known as the Israel Institute of Technology. He was married to his wife Gila in 1974 and moved his family to the United States a few years later. Milstein decided to continue his higher education at the University of Southern California and graduated in 1983 with a Master’s degree in Business.

The career of Adam Milstein started in the field of commercial real estate. He began working as an agent through Hager Pacific Properties and displayed exceptional skills in leadership and industry knowledge. Milstein would evenutally become a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties and was ultimately driven to contribute to philanthropic efforts by a coworker. He is now regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential entrepreneurs in the United States.


Todd Lubar the currently working as the president of the TDL GLOBAL VENTURES has an overwhelming experience in the real estate investment. Todd is a leading businessman in the field of property management. Mr. Lubar was ranked amongst the best mortgage originators in the country falling in the top twenty-five. Besides the real estate job Todd Lubar also works with very many industries and also the mortgage banking. For his passion for serving the community, Mr. Todd Lubar works with the intention of benefiting the community. Working with all that passion has always led to him to achieve greater success in his profession and the skills in general.

Mr. Lubar came up with the whole idea of the product and consumers in the Global ventures, the whole idea gave the people they were in need of, and that was the relief. All this Todd did with the aim of making other people fulfill they’re always dreaming. Again in the interview, he added that all his day starts in the morning as he squeezes some of his duties I the morning before he heads to his office.Mr. Lubar states that his idea in the business of Mortgaging and venturing in the real estate management system. The whole idea of engaging in Money business started as he was still in high school and the value of money was all by working hard.

He got into the business of real estate industry in the year nineteen ninety-five, he dwelt in it amicably enough knowing that real estate and finance would come to be his life career. In nineteen ninety-nine he took another job with the Legacy Financial Group where he worked well acquiring good ideas in the business and had an equity position in the firm. In two thousand and two, Mr. Lubar engaged directly in the Mortgage Bank.

His achievement in the firm made a big profit in the organization by improving the whole field of the purchasing, selling, rehabilitating and growing the profit in the most two hundred and more transactions. In addition to the job of Todd he also worked in the Mortgage Banking Industry in the year two thousand and three, in the industry he opened the Chatter Funding and as a subsidiary of the Financial Magnus Corporation. The firm is one of the great developing companies in the United States. In matters concerning the real estate management and the Mortgaging services, Mr. Todd has a good and vast idea.

Samuel Strauch is More than a Triple Threat

UPDATED May 25th, 2017 – Head over to NorCal.news to read Samuel’s Strauch’s latest article about the U.S. cities that have the best up and coming suburban neighborhoods. Click here.

Samuel Strauch began is an undergraduate degree at Hofstra University in New York where he worked toward his business degree. He also completed some of the studies at Erasmus University and Harvard University. Originally Strauch began his career out in banking and in the finance world. But then decided to make a lifestyle switch to begin working for his families real estate company in South Florida.

In 2002, Strauch decided to break away from his families real estate company and begin his own real estate company in the Miami, Florida area called Affinity Realty Group Inc. Real estate in Miami, Florida is a booming market and Strauch has managed to secure himself a spot in the top 16% of agents who sell homes fast, as well as being in the top 12% of agents in Miami Beach for successfully selling homes. For a number of realtors in Miami, Florida, that is an extremely high success rate. Most of his sales are in Miami Beach, Florida; however, he also has sales in Hollywood, Miami, and Aventura.

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Samuel Strauch does not just focus his attention on real estate, he is extremely successful; however, he spends some of his spare time being involved as an active investor in several other internet and restaurant businesses. Also, he is the founder of the website called ShareHappiness.com which uses science to help individuals gain experience, knowledge, and confidence to better themselves as individuals as well as business people. It is one of his side projects; however, he is very invested in the art of science playing a big role in how people interact with themselves and others.

And if that is not enough, Strauch is also involved in fine arts. He finds them particularly interestingly, which is not necessarily surprisingly considering he lives in Miami, which is one of the most colorful cities in the state of Florida.

View Samuel Strauch’s YouTube Channel for more information.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. the Ultimate Document Provider

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a national wholesale document provider that is a leading force in the industry. They were established in 1991 as a small local title company and are today one of the largest in the industry. The are located in Palm Harbor, Florida and employ over 600 employees in three states.


Eight out of the of the top retail mortgage and title companies who are involved with property closings rely solely on Nationwide for their documentation needs, and rightly so. The mortgage industry is highly competitive, and the two most important factors are the speed of the delivery of the documents, such as lien releases and title verification are important. Also, the accuracy of these documents is extremely vital because the wrong documents can shut down a closing session on a piece of property.


Nationwide has a .78% rejection rate and a 99.89% rate of compliance. This means that the accuracy and the speed of delivery are nearly 100% on both counts, which leads the industry.


Much of the credit goes to the employees and the training that they receive. New employees have an intensive three-week training period where they cover every detail of what they will be doing when they are on the job. Then when they are in their first few months of working, they are monitored very closely until they master the tasks at hand.


Employees also have over 150 training and educational modules that are available to them. Employees can take advantage of these extra learning courses to advance withing the company. Time is set aside for anyone who wishes to participate. At any given time approximately 50% to 70% of the workforce is found to be involved in these extra pursuits.


Nationwide enjoys and enthusiastic workforce, and it is a company that people enjoy working for. This is brought out in the Top 100 workplace to work recognition, which Nationwide has been a part of for the past five out of six years, as noted by the Tampa Bay Times.


As John Hillman, the company CEO puts it, compliance is something that companies in our industry talk about a lot, but some don’t live it. To have high marks in the compliance area, you have to train for it and then publically monitor it so that it becomes a part of the corporate culture. Then and only then, will it finally become a fact of life.


Jason Halpern: Building A Better Community With Bricks And Charity

Finding bright entrepreneurs today isn’t hard; it is, however, hard to find bright entrepreneurs with a genuine concern for their community. Finding individuals, like Jason Halpern, that are always striving to uplift the community by constantly giving back is a rare thing. Jason’s achievements and philanthropic deeds not only help advance the community but are also a great lesson for the fellow entrepreneurs irrespective of their industry.


How Jason impacts his society
Jason founded and manages JMH Development regarded as one of the most reputable property development and management companies in New York. Such a position has gained him popularity in the city and beyond, but it is his interest in the rehabilitation of historically landmarked properties that has endeared him further with the city’s residents. Since its establishment, his company has acquired or partnered with various individuals in the reconstruction of several historic buildings in the city and its neighborhood.


On several occasions, his company has received acknowledgment and awards from several reputable institutions as well as the local authority for their excellent structural renovations and modernization of these buildings. For instance, JMH Development recently received the Brooklyn Building Award in the adaptive reuse category for their renovation of the 184 Kent.

Jason’s contribution to Philanthropy
What differentiates Jason from other entrepreneurial developers is his passion for giving back to the society. He has consistently devoted much of his time and significant resources to championing several charitable projects in the society. He mainly runs two charitable projects that stand close to his heart. The first is the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center; a level A Trauma Center that facilitates several complex medical processes including open-heart surgery, Orthopedic surgery, and complex emergency neurosurgery.


Jason also runs another charitable project through which his company partners with other charitable trusts. He currently partners with Global Water Non-Profit Charity that facilitates the provision of water services to the disadvantaged communities in the world starting in arid-dwellers of Ethiopia and Nepal. With this project, the company donates $20,000 for every development contract the company gains in Miami. According to the water company, JMH Development’s help has been critical in providing clean and safe to millions of Ethiopian and Nepalese locals.


Navigating the New York Market

In a city as densely populated as New York, navigating the real estate market can seem absolutely daunting, and confusing. Town Residential aims to make finding properties in the ever changing city escape easier. Founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger, Town Residential assists potential buyers, sellers, and even renters through the tumultuous seas of the New York City real estate market. The firm focuses on residential properties, as the name implies, with services that include sales, leasing, and marketing of real estate.

New York and the surrounding boroughs are all full of pocket neighborhoods, all with their own personalities and quirks, but the company prides themselves on helping their clients navigate the dizzying array of New York real estate available at any given time. Those wishing to sell their properties can rest easy in the hands of Town Residential, as they promise to find the perfect buyer for their property.

With so many rental properties in such a small area, the firm knows that finding a match to your needs can be difficult. With their knowledge and know-how, Town Residential can effortlessly guide you through picking the appropriate neighborhood and help you find the best match.

As if the firm’s perseverance and excellence didn’t already put them at the top of the game, Town Residential’s development team is one of the best in New York. From research and analysis, all the way to active sales operations, they can help create luxurious and in-demand housing. The team focuses on ground up, converted, and re-positioned multi-family properties – working closely with the best architects, contractors, and interior designers available throughout the process.

Town Residential has a well established team ready to help you, whether you’re looking for something permanent, or something ‘just for now’. In only five years, their illustrious team has become one of the top real estate companies in New York; a combination, they say, of dedication, knowledge of their market, and unparalleled customer service.