Scott Rocklage’s Career In Healthcare Management

Scott Rocklage is well-known as a healthcare manager. He has been an employee of multiple companies and has served on multiple corporate boards.

Where Did He Attend College?

Scott Rocklage attended the State University of California at Berkley. He earned a degree in chemistry while he was there. After he graduated, he earned an advanced degree in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While he attended college, he performed very well academically.

What Corporations Has He Worked For?


Replypsa is a pharmaceutical company that designs polymer technology. Scott Rocklage served as this company’s executive chairman.

Nycomed Salutar:

Nycomed Salutar produces contrast agents for MRI procedures. These products allow doctors to see the body’s internal structures more clearly, and they are often more effective than products made by other companies.


Illypsa is a well-known pharmaceutical company that manufactures medications for patients with kidney disease. Scott Rocklage is the company’s executive chairman.

Cubist Pharmaceuticals:

Cubist Pharmaceuticals is most well-known an exceptionally effective antibiotic that they invented. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Scott Rocklage was the chairman and CEO of the company, and he contributed to the company’s growth.


Catalytica is also a pharmaceutical company, and it has grown recently. Scott Rocklage worked in multiple different positions at the company.

Entre Med:

Scott Rocklage was the executive chairman of Entre Med. The company grew while he worked in this position. Entre Med produces products that are utilized all over the world.

Where Does Scott Rocklage Work Now?

Scott Rocklage currently works for 5 AM Ventures, and he has had this job for over a decade. He began his career with 5 AM Ventures as a venture partner. However, he is currently working as a managing partner of 5 Am Ventures. The company makes many important contributions to medicine. In addition, 5 AM Ventures attracts investors.

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