Slyce Searches and Shops Whatever You See

A woman with a stunning purse stands near you waiting for the crosswalk sign to change. You politely ask where she got it and she exclaims that she doesn’t know because it was a gift, but that she really loves it. She offers to give you the gift giver’s phone number, so you could have that cold-call awkward conversation about the stranger’s purse with a voice on the phone. Instead, you simply point your smartphone camera at the purse and snap a picture. You thank the woman and explain that a picture is all you need to find out more about this prized purse. She watches in amazement as your smartphone pops up not only many links to more information on that exact purse, but also direct sales outlets. You make a couple of taps on your phone and see a confirmation screen that confirms your purchase of a purse exactly like the stranger’s and assurance that it will be shipped to your home the next day! And now it’s time to help get the Slyce app on her phone.

This is the amazing experience of Visual Search technology, of which Slyce is the top application producer. Slyce supplies a number of smartphone applications that can search with direct input from any image displayed, printed, and encountered in your everyday life. No more tedious guessing at what Search Engine Optimized (SEO) text phrase will cause a standard search engine to find an exact item you have seen. In this case, a smartphone picture is worth 1,000 SEO text phrases.

Shopping becomes a streamlined adventure with Slyce. No more need to travel, burn fuel, wear out your feet, or scanning lots of catalogs. The hardest part may be remembering to always take advantage of this new magic genie software in your pocket or purse. Updated versions of Slyce’s apps include the ability to find items by any kind of bar code, audio, or video input. Slyce is constantly improving their technology, both through in-house labs and by acquiring a number of other companies with advanced alternate algorithms for online search.

Slyce’s Newest Technology Through SnipSnap

There is no denying that SnipSnap has moved from being a mare digital coupon expert to a widely recognized personal saving assistant. Early this year, Slyce, A visual image company based in Toronto, acquired it for $6.5 million. Following the acquisition, SnipSnap went on to integrate a technology created by a Canadian company together with its newest App product dubbed the Scout. The integration of the scout into SnipSnap is very crucial in the provision of Slyce’s visual image services. This is because the app has special features such as image recognition tools that are integral in the provision of visual search services. The visual recognition tools allow clients to capture an image of a product and use virtual concierge to locate the best deals of the item captured.

Virtual Concierge
Virtual concierge technology is a marriage between two technologies, human representatives and artificial intelligence. First, artificial intelligence is seen when a user captures the image of the product they are interested in and then follows to answer a set of automated questions so as to narrow down to the affordable deals for the product. This process may take at most six minutes to complete depending on the item the customer has captured. On the other hand, human representative pervades through the internet to ensure that Scout does not miss anything.

The role of Scout
Scout provides interactive platform to users where they table any be wildering questions through a chat-based interface.Scout is able to locate a product image faster than manual scarping through hundreds of e-commerce sites. The best feature about Scout is that, during its search, it factors in the clients’ favorite rebate policies and price-matching stores. In a press release through Philadelphia Business Journal, the CEO of SnipSnap, Ted Mann, acknowledged that the new technology (Scout) was the company’s biggest adventure ever since it was founded. Mr. Mann added that, Scout was SnipSnap’s most ambitious venture ever tried. It can be used by scanning barcodes or typing keywords of items to be searched. It saves customers a great deal of time and offers best deals which a pocket friendly.

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