Misleading Accusations have come to Rest

The world continues to advance with new forms of technology, especially when it comes to internet based forms of communication such as mobile devices and faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connection speeds. It’s no wonder that some companies would take advantage of this time of advancement and create products to match the times. Securus Technologies is one such company, and its focus is in finding the time and energy for use in developing communication solutions for a niche type of customer. The customers that Securus supports are inmates currently serving time within the American penal system. Products, such as a mobile application that allows seamless video streaming technology, are used by inmates currently living within prison to communicate openly and freely with their friends and family members on the outside. This product is reliable and high-quality, something that Securus is proud of and that customers of the corporation have come to trust and now. Unfortunately the company itself has fallen under some scrutiny recently by another giant in the information technology industry, GTL.


GTL has claimed that Securus has lost the rights to many of its products, due to an expiration if its patents for its products. This information was released online several months ago by GTL, in the form of several spreadsheets. After further research was conducted by security personnel and some third-party sources it would seem that GT else claims are inaccurate and that their accusations are false. This is good news for Securus customers who rely upon the company for the communication needs, as their products and services will continue to develop under a friendly name that they recognize.


Securus Stands as a Beacon of Truth in the Inmate Communications industry.

The inmate communications industry has been rapidly growing these past few decades. It is important to understand the key players in this industry as they have a great deal of influence and change in the marketplace. Recently, Securus has found many wrongdoings that have been committed by their competitor Global Tel Link. The leaders of Securus have been deeply offended by these wrongdoings due to their deep passion and love for the industry. Securus states that their business about much more than just making money, but it doesn’t look like Global Tel Link shares that same sentiment.

Global Tel Link has added 15-30 seconds on to each of their phone calls to inflate charges. This may not seem like a lot, but when thousands of calls are being made a day it really adds up. Global Tel Link would also double charge for calls at their discretion. Most of these added charges were only charged to simply make more money. In Louisiana alone, taxpayers ended up overpaying nearly 1.3 million dollars in charges to Global Tel Link.

Securus has been an industry leader in the inmate communications industry for many years. Their commitment to honesty and integrity have led them to be a pillar of truth in this seemingly corrupt industry. Securus has helped many individuals find employment with over 1,000 employees earning paychecks through this company. Securus has contracts with 2,600 correctional facilities around the United States.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.