Alex Hern’s Legacy with Technology


In a era of ever changing technology, Alex Hern has been a pioneer in the innovations of the internet. He was there working hard to develop industry giants like Yahoo and AOL. His specialty included search technology, email, and web directories. The impact Alex Hern had during these early days had a massive impact on how the internet would eventually evolve. His career is expanded upon during an interview with the website Ideamensch. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

His vision of innovate technology has only continued to evolve over the years. Alex Hern recently founded Tsunami, a company which has allowed him to keep developing new programs. Since the industry was trending towards GPU programs, that has been his primary focus lately. The new level of graphics and software engines GPU brings to the table is much crisper than anything before. He can spend hours upon hours working on a single task. Alex Hern firmly believes this how to maximize productivity. He sees great potential in the AI and machine learning industry in the near future. Follow Alex Hern on

As an entrepreneur, Alex Hern has unique personal quirks that makes his business work. The best time dwell on and flesh out an idea is during the night time. This is when distractions are reduced, and focus can increase. Years of business experience has taught him that this a marathon, not a spirit. Testing the waters and pushing forward are the vital keys to long term success. Finding the right partners, dividing tasks, and trusting your gut are also key qualities of a businessman.

It is the passion of individuals like Alex Hern that drive innovation in the modern era. The landscape of the internet may have turned out differently without his pivotal role in its development. Tsunami is a company where he can continue this innovative passion to this say. The fact that technology is always evolving, means there always something new for him to explore. There is no doubt his legacy will stand the test of time.