The Best Way to Treat Your Dog


Dog. Man’s best friend (and woman’s for that matter). What wouldn’t a person do for the furry friends that offer unconditional love and support throughout their lives? Even ranchers and those who have dogs that spend the day working care about their canines. It’s no surprise that, over the years, dog food companies have begun to step up their game, which can be evidenced in the article:

Companies like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co have certainly drawn in many dog owners. After all, it touts health benefits for your pet and emphasizes the use of all natural ingredients. However, being able to buy your canine companions food on Wal-mart that smells good even to you is difficult. Maybe you’re in college, maybe you have kids, are looking for a job, or maybe you just bought a new car. Whatever the reason, it’s a serious economic challenge to afford these foods. In fact, buying food like this for your dogs is actually double the amount you would spend with lower-costing canned dog-food.

For years before Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co came onto the scene, companies like Beneful have blended different meats into their kibble (like lamb and salmon) and offered organic, grain-free food. Just because it’s being produced by a big name brand doesn’t make it unhealthy! What’s the point of being in the dog-food business if you don’t have any interest in dogs? There are many easier ways to make money, after all.

Companies like Purinastore’s Beneful have food that provides the same benefits as the more expensive, new brands. All of Beneful’s dog food has some kind of real meat in it, and has all of the needed, vital nutrients to keep a dog healthy and happy. Their wet dog food goes farther, having not only real meat, but fruit and vegetables as well. The amount of different flavors is overwhelming. Not only that, but the cheaper cost makes it easier to deal with a dog that’s decided to be picky about what flavors they eat. It isn’t too painful financially if a dog rejects the beef stew in favor of the chicken stew flavor. Going further, Beneful dog treats come with real ingredients and there’s also a line of dental care chew sticks.

Spoiling your dog doesn’t depend on buying pricey brands. Keeping your dog happy and healthy requires the proper nutrients, and Beneful has them.

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