Doe Deere stands up for her friend, the doll creator Joshua David McKeeney after hack


Doe Deere, the CEO and founder of the makeup company Lime Crime, was hacked by artist Richard Prince. The blue-eyed Limecrime owner posted on Instagram a fabulous picture matching hair color and makeup to her doll, and of course honoring the bright and extravagant colors from LimeCrime and also the doll’s creator, Joshua David McKeneey. Little did she know, Richard Prince screenshotted the image and eliminated the mention of the doll’s designer and had a large 48-by-65- inch print made that was displayed at the New York’s Frieze Art Fair. The print was sold for $90,000, giving the doll and its designer a chance on the spotlight.

Joshua David McKenney, is a 35-year-old from Brooklyn who has dedicated almost three and half years to develop his “art expression” – the 23-inch fashion dolls. McKenney has been renowned in the fashion and celebrities’ world as a fashion illustrator, helping celebs like Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Arden, Dita Von Teese and Taylor Swift.

McKenney expressed his confusion when he found out about Prince’s image “theft”; he told the Observer that he was amazed that he could stole the Doe Deere’s image and his credit off. The interview later shifted to a conversation about the glamorous world of his Pidgin dolls. He explained that the term Pidgin means a simplified language that is serve as communication among people who speak different languages. Joshua David Mckeeney considers himself as a ‘modern puppeteer’, where he uses his dolls to express his gentle and feminine side like Jim Henson used Kermit. Even though he was out shadowed by Richard Prince, he expressed his pride in his creations since they were considered art and not just regular toys. The dolls are created for personal expression and are all custom made with hand-painted faces and handmade clothes that take about a month to finish.

But the scandal had a silver lining, Doe Deere posted a new image of herself with her Pidgin doll look-alike and clarified that her previous post was to honor her dear friend’s creation and called out Richard Prince for his moves. Doe Deere, also known as the Queen of Unicorns, was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City where she created LimeCrime in 2008 after realizing she couldn’t find makeup true to their color. She has been an influencer in the makeup industry and encourages others to follow their dreams without refusing to quit.



Doe Deere Is The Head Unicorn At Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the self-proclaimed head unicorn and CEO at Lime Crime Cosmetics. Doe has always had a unique and unconventional style and method of self-expression. Doe was born in Russian and grew up in an average household but she has never been average. Doe was fascinated by color and makeup from an early age and would regularly explore colors and methods with her friends. Some of these experimentations were disasters but eventually she refined her talents and was able to make her personal style of makeup and fashion.

Doe Deere believes that the rules of fashion and makeup application were meant to be broken. She feels like playing it safe when color is concerned is the only real crime. She believes in being outspoken and using whatever colors that you feel make you look beautiful and express your personal sense of style. She initially was creating and selling clothing on eBay. She wanted makeup that would compliment the brightly colored clothes that she was selling. She was unable to find anything on the market to suit her needs. She saw her opportunity to fill a niche and has had overwhelming success.

In 2008 she created her Lime Crime makeup line. She made a snap decision of the name using her favorite color and a cool name that rhymed, and the rest is history. Lime Crime started only offering lip color but has since developed a full line of colorful eye and lip color for men and women to be able to fully express themselves with colors and textures. If you are looking for sparkly purple eyeshadow, then they have you covered. If you need a dark velvet red lipstick or even a bright yellow, then you should look no further. The selection of colors seems unlimited.

Doe Deere is hands-on with the creation of all of her products. Lime Crime cosmetics has always held the philosophy of cruelty-free cosmetics. They do not test on animals and never will. Doe is always in the lab, hand on with her team of cosmetic experts creating new formulas and color. She is always thinking up new ideas and perfecting colors. She believes in being part of every part of the cosmetics business that she has developed from the ground up. If she isn’t in the lab, then she is in the boardroom or keeping in contact with people on the internet to help promote her business. Lime Crime is mostly web based and Doe very successfully uses social media to promote Lime Crime and loves to hear from her customers regarding tipd, tricks, and future ideas for new cosmetic offerings.

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Doe Deere Talks About Following Your Own Fashion Rules

The unicorn queen herself Doe Deere, recently went over some of her favorite fashion rules for breaking. In the article by Marlen Komar, she broke down many of her takes on the way fashion is unique to each of us and how she applies this rule to herself. Everybody has their own sense of fashion and style. Doe Deere is definitely not afraid to show hers to the world. From the deeply colorful hair to the shockingly vibrant color palate of cosmetics, her style is sewn into the brand for sure. In her own words, she’s a firm believer that it’s no sin to break fashion and beauty rules.

From the rule of ‘never do more than one bold thing at a time’ to ‘throw that idea right out the window, why don’t ya?’ Be bold all over if that suits your fancy, seems to be the motto for her. The creator of the Lime Crime cosmetic brand, Deere is very passionate about her business. She has been named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self Made Magazine and is showing no signs of slowing down. Stating herself to be an imaginative kid who was ‘hardcore into color’ gives a little insight into just how long this has been leading to this point for her. One rule for her though is not to mix ‘too many colors.’ Having a mix is fine as long as they are coordinated colors that go well with each other. Herself being a huge fan of mixing bright, vibrantly alive color schemes.

Doe will tell you also that her first makeup experience she remembers vividly was at slumber party. Her and her friends were playing witches, but the whole thing didn’t seem genuine enough to her. So she grabbed her makeup and went to work on her friends and herself. That’s when it all started for her she claims. It just felt right to be doing makeup. The invention of the name Lime Crime was really quite simple as well. In 2004, her eBay store needed a name and the first thought to come to her was Lime Crime. It had her favorite color in the name and it rhymed as well. It was a win-win for her.

The mix of loud color schemes and wild styles are picking up more fans daily. This is one fashion crime people can live with.

Online Athleisure Brand Fabletics To Open More Brick-And-Mortar Locations


In 2013 the forces behind the ecommerce website JustFab, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, teamed up with acclaimed actress Kate Hudson to launch the activewear brand the world knows today as Fabletics. You can follow them on Twitter.

Fabletics prides itself on filling a void in the fitness wear marketplace by offering fashionable athletic clothes at a competitive price point. Fabletics’ clothes are known for being on-trend, versatile and affordable; factors that have distinguished the brand from other athleisure brands in the marketplace. Customers looking for women’s athletic wear can browse Kate Hudson’s picks for outfits and choose from a wide range of options. Fabletics also has a male line called FL2 that offers male customers a wide array of shorts, sweatpants and shirts that can transition from a day out on the town to a session spent working out at the gym.

After achieving a broad measure of success in the ecommerce space, Fabletics is turning its sights on local malls across America. The company has announced that it will be expanding its brick-and-mortar business. According to, Fabletics will be adding more brick-and-mortar storefronts to the six locations it currently operates. Fabletics will be opening anywhere from 75 to as many as 100 stores over a three to five year period.

Given Fabletics’ penchant for pairing quality with affordability, the stores may very well give the ecommerce brand a leg up on other competitors in the online space. Shoppers who discover Fabletics online will have the chance to try on the clothes in person.

According to shoppers who frequent Fabletics’ brick-and-mortar stores will have the chance to sign up for the company’s popular subscription service. Fabletics’ subscription service sends subscribers one outfit a month at a discounted price. Fabletics’ parent company will be expanding its customer service offerings in order to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. JustFab co-CEO Adam Goldenberg tells Forbes that JustFab’s customer service assistance will soon be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Forbes also reports that there will be new videos added to the Fabletics website in addition to updates to information available to customers about how the website works.

Actress and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson also serves as the face of the Fabletics brand. Hudson’s lively spirit and passion for inspiring women makes her the perfect person to represent the fast-growing company to the world. Hudson is famous for portraying a gutsy journalist opposite actor Matthew Mcconaughey in the romantic comedy How To Lose A Guy in 10 days. She is also known for her role as Penny Lane in the 2000 rock journalism film Almost Famous. Hudson has also played a demanding dance instructor opposite Lea Michele in the hit music-themed television show Glee.


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Break Out of Your Fashion Rut With Doe Deere

Many of us find that we sometimes make the same fashion choices each day. Each day, we put on the same outfit and the same colors. We adhere to the same rules set down a long time ago. Such rules can be comforting but they can also be boring. If you want to break free of your old routine, try a new fashion routine and that will help you bring out own sense of inner creativity and style. The right use of color and pattern can help you bring new life into your same old boring routine and make dressing fun again.

Someone who knows full well how to break old rules is fashion expert Doe Deere. In a new interview for Bustle Magazine, Deere tells her readers what rules are up for grabs in today’s market. In doing so, she helps demonstrate that we can all benefit from her insights and her love of pattern and color. As she lets us know, fashion is all about what really and truly works for any one person. Rules that may have been perfect even just last year may not work for today’s stylish and fashionable woman as she goes about her day.

You can add patterns that you like even if they don’t quite match. Your fashion choices should not depend on what others tell you but what on you happen to like best. If you have a favorite ballgown, you don’t have to wait until the opera comes to town to wear it. You can put it on when you go to the grocery store if that’s what makes you happy.

The same is very much true for other fashion choices, even those that apply to makeup. Makeup need not be boring and based on the same old looks. Deere started her own company, Lime Crime, in order to help customers get access to new kinds of makeup that are ideal for their needs.

The same motto illustrates her general approach to all kinds of fashion. She knows that it is possible to take any color the customer likes and use it in a way that looks good. Bright colors can be easily mixed with patterns and yet still look really great. As she demonstrates on her site, it is easy to have such looks even if the customer has never done them before. The key is to be fearless and self confident at the same time. Fashion students can learn from her to have to use such ideals very well.

Ken Griffin Knows How To Make Money In Good And In Bad Times

Ken Griffin, the multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, knows the difference between a good investment and an outstanding one. After all, Ken Griffin was a millionaire before he graduated from Harvard. He made that money trading stocks in his dorm room. When he thought the time was right and he had enough money, Griffin decided he wanted to invest full time. That moment came in 1990. That was the year Citadel LLC. was born. Citadel LLC ,under the direction of Ken Griffin, has become a hedge fund icon. But Griffin and Citadel have hit some hard bumps along the way to success. Some of those bumps changed the way Griffin looked at the investment world and he is thankful they did.

Before the 2008 recession hit, Citadel and Ken Griffin on wsj were in the zone, in terms of managing assets that other funds thought were good. But when the market crash demolished those assets and almost forced Griffin to give up the company, something happened. Ken realized he had nothing else to lose. That feeling gave him power he never used before. Rather than closing down Citadel operations, Griffin managed to borrow enough money to invest in some risky assets. Those assets were so risky that other hedge fund managers turned them down. Even the limited partners in Citadel wanted to break ties and move on, but Griffin convinced them to stay.

When Griffin’s asset choices began to produce record returns, everyone was shocked except Ken Griffin. Losing everything and feeling the freedom of knowing there was nothing more to lose gave Griffin the energy he needed to follow his instincts instead of the thoughts of others. Going broke was a kind of spiritual experience for Ken, and because of that experience he isn’t afraid of failure. Failure gave him the power to believe in himself, and that quality is what makes the difference between good and outstanding investing.

Today, Griffin is a sought after commodity in the investment world. People want to know what he is doing and how he is doing it. Men like Bill Clinton and other political and world leaders listen to him and call him their friend. Griffin is on top of the world and that world keeps expanding.

But investing in emerging markets as well as advanced markets is becoming more challenging than ever before. Most economists think the world is on the doorstep of a world recession. All the signs point to a very challenging 2016 in terms of investments. But Citadel is not as concerned as some investment firms. Griffin is planning an IPO in 2016 as well as revealing several new strategies that could offset some of the losses that might occur next year. Griffin hasn’t revealed those strategies, but it’s safe to say they will be unique.

Griffin has become a leader in the investment world because of his ability to surround himself with good people and smart investment choices. In good investing times and in bad investing times Ken Griffin does what he does best. He makes money.

Kenneth Griffin’s Early Success In Asset Management

Ken Griffin is the young billionaire according to website, philanthropist and founder of Citadel. Kenneth is also the CEO of Citadel, and he’s very active in its every day operations. He is only 46 years old, and he already has a net worth of over $6.6 billion as of spring 2015.

He started investing early on in life after reading a Forbes article while he was attending Harvard in his freshman year. The next year he decided to found his first hedge fund that concentrated on convertible bond arbitrage which is a market neutral investment strategy used by hedge funds when they make a short sale on an issuer’s common stock and buy convertible securities at the same time. His fist hedge fund was financed with around $265,000 from friends and family. His grandmother reportedly invested the most money. Ken went so far to make his hedge fund a success that he installed a satellite link in his room so that market numbers could be delivered in real time. His methods were what helped his capital weather the storm of the stock market crash in 1987. Before graduating with a degree in economics in 1989, he was able to to start a second fund due to his success with his first, and he was managing over a million dollars while still in college.

When Ken Griffin graduated from Harvard he began a business relationship with Frank Meyer. Frank was a fellow investor and the founder of Glenwood Capital. He gave Kenneth $1 million dollars. Frank was extremely happy with the results that Ken was able to provide. It was reported by the New York Times that Ken was able to get Frank a 70% return on his $1 million dollar investment which leaves one to wonder just how much Ken made off of that $1 million to be able to return the initial investment plus 70%.

Ken began his life’s work rather quickly after he graduated from Harvard and worked with Frank Meyer because in 1990 he started Citadel with $4.6 million. Today, Citadel is one of the world’s leading asset managers, and it manages over $26 billion dollars worth of assets. Citadel Securities is the other branch of Citadel, and it’s known as one of the top international market makers. Citadel Securities trades a number of products including equity options, equities and interest rate swaps for institutions and retail clients. Citadel also holds the distinction of being in a 3% elite category of hedge funds that are over 20 years old. The asset managing giant employees over 1400 people worldwide, and it has offices in North America, Europe and Asia with its primary headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Just to recap about Ken, he started his very first hedge fund during his second year in Harvard, and before graduating he was managing two funds and $1 million between them. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in economics from Harvard in 1989, and then he went on to found Citadel. Kenneth Griffin is undoubtedly the model for maximizing potential.

Bruce Levenson – Washington DC’s Most Successful Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson is an esteemed businessman and philanthropist most notably responsible for the purchase the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He began working at the Washington DC Star newspaper in the mid-1970s before he began his incredible career as a cofounder of the United Communications Group, a company that collected and sold data to newspapers and other organizations about publicly and privately traded companies, from oil companies to health care, energy banking etc. Levenson on also owns and operates a very successful setup known as GasBuddy. GasBuddy is a mobile app that allows its users to find the lowest possible gas prices in any of the thousands of user-defined towns available.

Making himself a millionaire hundreds and hundreds of times over by building and running the United Communications Group, he decided to purchase the Atlanta Hawks as well as the Atlanta Thrashers team from the Turner Broadcasting Corporation. Him and his partner at United Communications Group, Ed Prestowitz purchased a majority stake. He also purchased the Atlanta Hawks and is the majority owner of the Philips Arena, the place that the Atlanta Hawks play. In addition to owning the team, he also assists in executive managing the Atlanta Hawks as well as holding court on the NBA board of governors.

He has a deep and powerful passion for writing. In college, he spent a good amount of time writing. Having a law degree under his belt, he also had a great amount of knowledge of the law and how as well as a very profound understanding of numbers and statistics. So Levinson founding the United Communications Group just makes good sense.

He has made quite a name for himself in the world of business, having created the United Communications Group from scratch. Everything about his operation is extremely frugal. While other major firms similar to the United Communications Group would have statues and all of the useless and fancy amenities, he cut out all of the additional cost out from his operation. It was him, his partner at a desk with the secretary. Having such low overhead and making such an enormous amount of money, it enabled him to reinvest into the business, making them quite rich in the process, with hundreds of millions of dollars in each of the two founders pockets.

Levinson is also a board member at several prestigious companies, and of two of the companies he owns a significant portion.

Levinson is also a founding contributor of the US Holocaust Museum. He has donated a lot of his time and money to different Jewish organizations such as the SEED foundation and the Jewish Federation also the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute.