Bob Reina

There aren’t many CEO’s on the planet that can rival what Bob Reina has accomplished in his career. He has achieved so much that many professionals consider him the world’s greatest CEO. It hard to believe someone could be so great at what they do and also remain humble and welcoming. As the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion he has every right to stick his chest out but chooses not to.

Though Reina is extremely successful the path he took to becoming an entrepreneur and business owner was definitely not conventional. He is a former Sheriff’s Deputy. Even as an officer of the law Reina was striving for more. In fact, he was working in direct sales while maintaining his position with the department.

Reina put his heart and soul into direct selling. He knew it was an opportunity he could capitalize tremendously from. Because of his commitment he was a top salesman in no time.

What he learned doing direct selling came in handy when he founded Talk Fusion. The video technology company is changing the way people communicate. Talk fusion showed its knack for innovation when it released video email. Something thought impossible just a few years before.

Reina is also a passionate philanthropist. Since founding Talk Fusion he has made the company’s mission to change lives. He has made it a staple to give back to the community. Reina is also a devout animal lover. He loves god’s creatures so much he donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The donation was a record breaking amount.

He frequently provides funding for reputable non-profits all over the world. he is more than happy to do whatever he can to help charitable organization spread their message to as many individuals as possible. Learn more: