Correction facilities’ Services Improved by the Securus Technology

Securus Technologies is currently under the leadership of Rick Smith as the CEO. Securus Technologies, a service provider, serving the correction facilities in the North America has been ranked among the top three. Over the years, Rick Smith has amassed great experience in the field while working with information technology, finance area, operational and critical business sectors. Alongside this experience, he portrays good leadership skills which earn him worth to run the Securus Technologies.Rick Smith has a degree and a master’s degree in engineering from the University of New York. Afterwards, Rick Smith worked with the Global Crossing Company where he worked as the controller and as the chief information officer. He worked with the Global Crossing for thirty-six years. In another position, he served as the president of the Midwest Telephone Operations. Rick Smith later shifted to the Solon Telecom where he acted as the chief financial officer before he later ascended the ladder to the position of the president of the same company.

Rick Smith was the president of the company from the year 2000 to till the year 2003 when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.Securus Technologies started by serving the public agencies in its operations for some decades now. The Securus Technologies has also taken over the services that were previously run by business owners. The current total number of inmates that Securus Technologies serves the North America region is approximately one million two hundred thousand. The excellent services by the Securus Technologies are majorly motivated by the company’s ambition to serve and help. In doing this, Securus Technologies is in the top position in providing services to the correction centers in the country.Under the leadership of Rick Smith at Echelon, Securus Technologies raised its revenue from as low as $30 million to $350 million. Rick Smith holds the position of the president from the year 2008 and the CEO form the year 2009.

For the Securus Technologies to outdo all its competitors such as the Global Links, it works in technologies that surpass all other service providers in the market. The company has the largest VIOP correction platform. Rick Smith’s diverse experience in leadership has won him the current position as the CEO.Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas in Texas. New patents by the company have been produced in the innovations in technology by Securus Technologies. The immense Technological advancement in Securus Technologies is credited to the leadership of Rick Smith as well. Rick Smith has plans to be the leading in the provision of security through technology in the country. Proposals have been received by the Securus technologies on the need of improvement in the security sector including the correction agencies.

The Illustrative Career Of Jason Hope

Jason is renowned as a skilled futurist. He has deep understanding and passion for technology. Over the years, he has been watching the industry trends. In addition, Jason Hope has made predictions regarding the future of technology. With the growing number of connected devices, Jason is confident that the Internet of Things may be the future of modern society. Hope’s insights and advice on has been of great help to modern businesses and individuals seeking for innovative ways of capitalizing on the technology of the future.

In his article, Companies are banking on the Internet of Things to fuel growth, Jason asserts that companies are embracing technology to enhance their productivity. Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be valued at billions of dollars by 2020. Jason Hope contends that the future is in connected technology.

Jason posits that one of the companies that have embraced the IoT is Silicon Labs. The company has extensive experience in integrated circuits on Business. Motley Fool’s Dan Caplinger asserts that investments in the IoT have been paying off. He contends that Silicon Labs was expecting to see a decline in sales in the fourth quarter. However, the company reported a smaller drop than anticipated.

Earlier in 2016, Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s new CEO posited that they would be investing $1.4 billion. This amount would be channeled to Jasper Technologies, which is an IoT software developer. It allows corporations to connect everything to the web. Jasper Technologies was incorporated three years before the first iPhone was released. CNBC’s Ari levy argues that Cisco needs to proof to enterprises that they need to rely on security, stability and connectivity. Jason Hope says that with the increased investment in the IoT, it is evident that this technology would be able to make companies successful now and in the future.

The entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona is passionate about philanthropy, especially on biotechnology, disease cure, education and scientific research. Jason Hope has worked closely with the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix, The Tony Hawk Foundation and Worldwide Orphans Foundation. He has also rendered services for the International Foundation for Education and Self Help, Family Health International and The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation among many others.

Jason Hope pledged to donate $500,000 to SENS Foundation. This California-based organization seeks to develop and promote access to biotechnologies that address the issue of age-related diseases. Mike Kope, CEO of the non-profit entity contended that Jason Hope’s contribution would accelerate the company’s progress in fighting against the diseases related to aging.

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