The Incredible Success of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the mastermind behind the third largest eCommerce site in the world. is a Chinese company that allows customers in any area, heavily populated or rural, to get the products that they need quickly and effectively. Starting as just one storefront in 1998, this retailer was creating $9 million in revenue in just five years. Once they realized that it was time to take their business online, Liu started to see amazing results. Instead of buying the products from the supplier and then selling them to his customers, he instead worked with suppliers directly to cut out the middle man.

It was only a matter of time before became the largest online retailer in China. This also made it the third largest eCommerce site in the world. With this level of massive success, the future looks very bright for Liu and

Serge Belament the Creator of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belament is a founder and Blockchain technology inventor. Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. He is also known by the name Serge Christian Pierre Belamant. At the age of fourteen years old, his family relocated to South Africa where he was admitted to Highlands North High School in Johannesburg. At Highlands North High school he learnt to speak English fluently and besides that Belamant managed to participate in various school curriculum activities such as rugby and other athletics. He also managed to play chess, where he represented Southern Transvaal, he finished at sixth position in South Africa school chess championship in 1972, in that year also he won Victor Ludorum award. Belamant bright nature in school led him to graduate with an excellent grade for the university. He joined Witwatersrand University to study Engineering for his first year, in second year he choose to study Bachelor’s degree in computer science and applied mathematics while at third year he transferred to study Bachelor’s degree in information systems at University of South Africa.

At 22 years old, before completing his studies, Serge Belament made a bold decision to start career life. He was employed at a large civil engineering company called Matrix where he managed to come up with an application for analyzing levels of water in a dam via the RSA. He also created several computer models at the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. In 1980 he was named analyst of the year when for working on Cyber net application support team at Control Data. He also worn analyst of the year in 1982 while working for his ESKOM division as the head analyst. While working with Control Data equipment at DATABANK, Belament created first financial system which was scientifically driven. He also developed VIB network which he later sold to Volkskas. Serge Belamant became consultant for Bancorp firm which mainly dealt with management and analysis of risks. Later, Serge Belamant was employed at SASWITCH as the head of IT division.

In 1989, Serge Belamant resign from SASWITH to start his foundation called Net1 Technologies. Net1 Technologies was mainly built from his initial achievements known as Funds Transfer System. In 1995, Serge Belament invented a new application from Funds Transfer System technology. When Serge Belamant relocated to United States, he successfully integrated Funds Transfer System and Universal Electronic Payment System technologies which resulted to Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card. Due to the advancement of technology Net1 technologies resulted to development of Blockchain Technogy.

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Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey Contribute to Longevity Research

Jason Hope is one of the most well-known and influential entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona. He has had an incredibly industrious career. However, in recent years, he has turned his focus away from business and towards the port of philanthropic endeavors. One of the most prominent and potentially important causes that he has chosen to support is that of the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a biotechnology research organization that operates as a nonprofit. The acronym in their name stands for scientifically engineered negligible senescence. This is the scientific terminology used to describe antiaging research.

The SENS Foundation was founded nine years ago by an individual known as Aubrey de Grey. He is an incredibly intelligent man who has based his life on researching potential ways to eliminate the process of aging from humans altogether. Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey along with the researchers at the SENS Foundation believe that it will be possible to extend the lifespan of humans significantly. They believe that this will be possible if they are able to learn the underlying causes of cellular aging. If they are able to understand the underlying causes of cellular aging they will be able to develop processes that will target these causes and potentially eliminate or even reverse them altogether.

Jason Hope and Aubrey de Grey also hope to help change the medical community’s perception of aging. For most of human history, aging has been seen as something that is entirely unavoidable. They believe that it will be possible for humans to experience not only significantly extended periods of life but also extend the period of healthy living that humans have.

In 2010 Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation will be using these funds in order to develop medications that will help to eliminate advanced glycation end products. Over the course of a person’s life, these substances build up in an individual’s skin. The end result of the buildup of these compounds is the hardening of veins and skin. This increases the rigidity of these tissues and can contribute to higher blood pressure and other age-related issues. The research that has been developed at the SENS Foundation has identified the most prominent kinds of glycation end products that are present in the human body. They hope to eventually develop strategies that will help to eliminate these products from human skin and arteries.

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Sentient Scientists Build AI System that Works Without Internet and Cloud

Sentient Technology is an American company founded in 2007 that deals with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company is mostly focused on e-commerce, online businesses, and online content. Its headquarters are situated in San Francisco USA. It is the best-known technology company dedicated to AI with its logarithm working in over two million CPU core and 5000 GU cards in over 4000 physical sites not only in the USA but also in the world. This system links computers together to form a network of computers which can work as one machine and keeps all data encrypted. The system can use over 2 million processor core concurrently to solve a single problem.

Sentient Technology scientists are developing a technology which has deep-learning AI software and can be used on all devices including smartphones and industrial robots. This technology is unique as it does not require cloud and internet computing. This is said to provide better privacy technology to users and reduce the transmission and data processing costs. It can be used in technologically remote areas as it allows devices to operate independently without internet while using Artificial Intelligence with performance as good as tethered networks. This new AI technology mimics the human brain through processing data and information through numerous layers of artificial neurons and will require large computation energy, power, and memory in order to properly function.

The AI Technology will keep functioning efficiently though changing and adapting itself each time computations power and memory are not available. Researchers used the theory of evolutionary forces in nature to improve the efficiency by repeatedly putting the technology in deprived resources then returning it to the computer-generated environment. A researcher Mohamed Javad Shafiee who is a professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada stated that AI networks evolve through generations to make them smaller in order to adapt to new environments.

The International Conference on Computer Vision held in Italy offered the researchers a platform to presented their results which stated that when this new AI technology was put in a chip and embedded in a smartphone, it runs speech-activated virtual assistance and many other intelligence features and this action helps reduce data usage as it operates without internet.

The technology may also be used in other areas where there are raising issues surrounding storing important data in the cloud such as low-cost drones, surveillance cameras, smart grids, and manufacturing plants. Prof. Alexander Wong who is from the University of Waterloo in Canada stated that this technology could empower many fields, especially where there are struggles to get deep-learning AI technology to operate in.

Bob Reina introduces the new Live Meeting

In an online broadcast, Talk Fusion founder, Bob Reina disclosed the most recent innovation the company has introduced to the world of communication. The new innovation is an improved version of the Live Meeting that enables real-time communication. The program makes use of the WebRTC system together with an improved interface.


The Live Meeting program provides the ability to send one-way video thereby enabling video conferencing. There is also the provision of proper meeting arrangements and presentations. It can support a conference with a number of people ranging from 15 to 500. The program is applicable to various electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and PC.


THE PROGRAM IS ADVANCED to offer recording technology that requires not an alternate download as the participants are able to access it through the web. By this, the program becomes in the most convenient way as there will not be the need to install any plug-in or adobe flash player. Time wastage is minimized, compatibility is improved, and convenience boosted.


Talk Fusion is continuing to outdo all its competitors by it embracing the newest technology advancements. It remains at the forefront of the software improvement with regard to WebRTC. Competitive edge in the market of the company is also enhanced by being able to support the video conferencing through the use of the modern conferencing technologies. Bob Reina commented that there is no match in the video conferencing market. He added to say that he is working on adding an unparallel system to every software in the Talk Fusion software.


Bob Reina graduated from a college in Florida. He afterward served in the police department for several years. While working, he supplemented his earning through the exchange in a commission that he got through selling products. He came to realize that he had the ability in selling and thereafter left the service in the police department and embarked on serious network marketing.


In the year 2004, 5the idea of forming the Talk fusion came into his mind. He held close contact with Jonathan Chen while developing the first product by the company known as the video email. He later after three years founded Talk fusion that continued to come up with new products. Learn more:


Correction facilities’ Services Improved by the Securus Technology

Securus Technologies is currently under the leadership of Rick Smith as the CEO. Securus Technologies, a service provider, serving the correction facilities in the North America has been ranked among the top three. Over the years, Rick Smith has amassed great experience in the field while working with information technology, finance area, operational and critical business sectors. Alongside this experience, he portrays good leadership skills which earn him worth to run the Securus Technologies.Rick Smith has a degree and a master’s degree in engineering from the University of New York. Afterwards, Rick Smith worked with the Global Crossing Company where he worked as the controller and as the chief information officer. He worked with the Global Crossing for thirty-six years. In another position, he served as the president of the Midwest Telephone Operations. Rick Smith later shifted to the Solon Telecom where he acted as the chief financial officer before he later ascended the ladder to the position of the president of the same company.

Rick Smith was the president of the company from the year 2000 to till the year 2003 when he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.Securus Technologies started by serving the public agencies in its operations for some decades now. The Securus Technologies has also taken over the services that were previously run by business owners. The current total number of inmates that Securus Technologies serves the North America region is approximately one million two hundred thousand. The excellent services by the Securus Technologies are majorly motivated by the company’s ambition to serve and help. In doing this, Securus Technologies is in the top position in providing services to the correction centers in the country.Under the leadership of Rick Smith at Echelon, Securus Technologies raised its revenue from as low as $30 million to $350 million. Rick Smith holds the position of the president from the year 2008 and the CEO form the year 2009.

For the Securus Technologies to outdo all its competitors such as the Global Links, it works in technologies that surpass all other service providers in the market. The company has the largest VIOP correction platform. Rick Smith’s diverse experience in leadership has won him the current position as the CEO.Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas in Texas. New patents by the company have been produced in the innovations in technology by Securus Technologies. The immense Technological advancement in Securus Technologies is credited to the leadership of Rick Smith as well. Rick Smith has plans to be the leading in the provision of security through technology in the country. Proposals have been received by the Securus technologies on the need of improvement in the security sector including the correction agencies.

Jason Hope is Positive About the Future of The Internet of Things

Technology has increasingly become part of our daily life. Today, we can conveniently connect, pay for services, trade globally and access any other services. Behind the grandiose inventions that have made life easier are top brains, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Jason Hope is among the optimistic entrepreneurs leading the technological world.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things refers to the collection of technological devices and developments that interact on the web. Today, technology is harnessed and used to connect millions of people and products across the web through use of devices. Devices have also evolved over the years to support the growth in technology. Currently, devices that can monitor room lighting and temperature are available. Better technology advances efficiency and interaction.

Jason Hope and other internet entrepreneurs are positive about the role of the Internet of Things in offering alternative solutions to poverty, inequality and government shortcomings in the world. Both developed and developing countries are investing in telecommunication infrastructure, therefore, increasing the access of the people to the Internet of Things. Access to the Internet of Things connects people in the developing world to the global labor market, affordable financial services, information, and services such as health. Businesses can also leverage the Internet of Things to build networks, increase efficiency and grow their revenues. The Internet of Things has made data tracking easier enabling governments, businesses and individuals to keep track of their records. The tracking software is automated and easy to use.

Jason Hope studies current technological trends and forecasts future trends. He uses his knowledge to enable businesses and people to maximize on the possibilities available through technology. Through his grant program, Jason supports up-coming entrepreneurs across the globe. Jason emphasizes the need to prioritize a project at a time. The thought that the Internet of Things will become a must have in the future excites Jason. He hopes to roll out more Internet of Things devices in 2017. For more info about us: chick here.

He holds a finance degree and an MBA from the Arizona State University and the W.P Carey School of Business. He is passionate about technology and projects that make life easier for the community.

Eric Pulier’s Lead up to Tech History

Eric Pulier is considered to be one of the more fascinating entrepreneurs in the tech industry over the past decade. Pulier came up alongside of the internet as a child and he grew into his fascination with technology at the same time. Pulier is now the founder of XPrize, a vaunted foundation focused on technological innovation, as well as the founder of numerous other tech companies — including vAtomic Systems. Eric Pulier’s ascent to the top of the industry has been remarkable to watch and sufficient to say, we are digging right into it.

Eric Pulier can tell you right off of the bat that he wouldn’t be where he is today without a childhood that was dedicated to technology that he fell in love with. By the time Pulier was in fourth grade he was already spending massive amounts of time learning how to code. By the time Pulier graduated from high school he had already been running his own computer database company — and this was only in the 1980s’! Pulier moved on quickly from his home in New Jersey in order to attend Harvard where he would go on to graduate Magna Cum Laude. At Harvard Pulier would cut his teeth as the editor of the school paper, the Harvard Crimson in the following: click here.

Landing in Los Angeles in the early ’90s meant that Pulier was on the ground floor of what would soon become the huge tech boom. Knowing how to operate within the industry is all about spotting trends, watching companies, and making a move right when it is most opportune. Pulier succeeded by shifting gears from the medical industry into the education sector before breaking through as a tech innovator.

Nowadays Pulier is focused on doing what he does best: staying ahead of the competition. Pulier relies on his meticulous notes, his forward thinking instincts, and his willingness to take risks in order to stay ahead of the best in the business. Pulier is busy with his work at vAtomic Systems, a micro transaction company, but he is also interested in biotechnology such as genome editing with the CIRSPR-CAS9.