Malcolm Casselle Eliminates Forex Issues with Gaming Wax Tokens

Malcolm Casselle continues to revolutionize online virtual asset transfer advancements and is eliminating Forex issues with the development of the new technology at Worldwide Asset Exchange known as Wax Tokens. The Wax Tokens are utilized as a means of transfer over various gaming platforms to determine value online by simplifying the calculations needed for foreign exchange rates over various geographical and continental currencies.

With the development of wax tokens, individuals are able to transfer online assets with speed, accuracy, and safety without the normal banking institution means of transfer. Wax Tokens utilize technology developed for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that are transferred and conveniently created over the blockchain technologies. Malcolm Casselle has been a pioneer in the development of strategic and intellectually advanced approaches to online digital asset transfers within gaming systems at the Worldwide Asset Exchange that are revolutionizing the crypto asset technology.


Malcolm Casselle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a world renowned institute of higher learning and he also continued his education at Stanford University where he received degrees in computer science that laid the foundation for his progressive understanding of digital online financial technology. Malcolm Casselle has served in high-level leadership roles at Facebook XFire, Tencent, MediaPass, Zynga, Groupon and various other extremely successful internet-based technology companies. Malcolm Casselle has been strategic in the founding of Worldwide Asset Exchange a global marketplace for the exchange of virtual gaming assets that is revolutionizing how the general public investing in cryptocurrencies and leverages the transfer of those crypto assets. He is also the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins global technology innovation company that is the creator of the Wax Token that is expanding the cryptocurrency technology and formalizing easy platforms to transfer crypto assets over the blockchain without fragmentation and fraud issues with the Forex. Malcolm Casselle continues to expand the intellectual technologies and provide high-level guidance and strategic streamline conceptual blueprints to eliminate Forex problems from the online digital gaming infrastructure with the development of Wax Tokens and various other technologies that will allow the general public to safely, easily, and securely transfer virtual assets online.