Rebellion In Color: The Lime Crime Advantage

Color is just something most people can’t live without in their lives and without it, this world would be a boring place to live. Eyes and hair are of different hues as well as clothing and shoes. Whatever you possibly can think of, color plays a big role in it’s success. When it comes to cosmetics, color is everything and it’s what allows people to creatively express themselves.

Most if not all cosmetic brands have color options, but many of them are the basic red, blue, pink, etc. According to Beauty Bay, these tones can get the job done even though they’re pretty basic. If you’re looking for a mix of unique color blends as well as solid vivid tones, Lime Crime is the brand of choice.

This brand has transcended the industry as well as given it new life. Users will have a chance to create distinct looks thanks to the many different tones, hues, and colors such as wicked, saint, red velvet, bleached, riot, pink velvet, cashmere, faded, rave, utopia, and many more. This brand is fun and vibrant which can add a spark to any attire.

If you like standing out in a crowd then don’t buy those other brands. For you animal lovers out there here is some great news. None of these products have been tested on animals as the products are certified by The Leaping Bunny Program and PETA.

Being a universal/unisex product, there isn’t any discriminating and many of the products themselves are worn by male individuals. Users now have the ability to create a specific look for whatever mood their in.

How many other brands can you say the same thing for? Lime Crime is laying a new blueprint of success, setting new trends, creating the most buzz, and revitalizing a cluttered market.