Coming Together at Workville NYC – Shared Office Space in Manhattan


The shared work space is becoming a new phenomenon throughout the world. With the rise of small businesses based on the web rising, the need for at home work space has also risen. The thing about the home office however is that it can be quite a lonely existence. Home based workers find that it can be hard to stick to a schedule, to network with others, and therefore to get their work done.

Shared workspaces are wonderful places that mimic the look and feel of the office environment. There are desks, office chairs, wireless internet, coffee, and great lighting sans the office politics. People have the opportunity to come together and work while networking at their leisure instead of interacting with forced relationships. This type of networking can help people within their business networks to feel inspired and create connections that are meaningful to them.

The New York shared office space called Workville has one of the swankiest shared office spaces around. The light filled work space is appointed with long desks, comfortable chairs, leather lounge couches, and actual balconies that overlook the bustling city of Manhattan. Located within a choice environment, professionals that come to Workville have the best social connections available to them.

The beauty of Workville encapsulates so many things, but on the surface, Workville just emanates with luxe. Instead of staying in a dark home office, Workville provides a bustling place for individuals to go that is just drenched in natural sunlight. The spacious atmosphere, chic lounge area, and outdoor balconies provide fresh air and a change in atmosphere if so desired. These changes in atmosphere within the workspace that also allow individuals to network provide much needed breaks that can increase productivity that don’t allow for them to fall off course. Being that the space is so pleasurable to be in, professionals can take their breaks while remaining in the work space, and network at will, making it a breeze to stay on track and actually accomplish more work than in a traditional office.

Workville also has great packages available for habitants of the island, centering around monthly rentals, as well as weekly rentals that are available for professionals on business travel who would like to rent a work space for a week or a few days at a time. The space also boasts rooms that can be rented for board meetings and conferences that can be rented out as a luxe and neutral spot for a small business meeting space or conference taking place on the island of Manhattan.