Text-To-Speech May Save Time With Wikipedia Business Page Creation

“If only I had more time.”

This is a common refrain repeated by many people in business. A lot of plans end up being stalled on the proverbial table due to time constraints and the inability to fit 25 hours into a single day. Business owners wishing a solid Wikipedia page could be crafted often have good ideas in their mind, but the time necessary to sit down and write up text on the online encyclopedia’s platform proves elusive. While no one can give anyone time back, there are those who do have a few ideas about how to be more efficient.

TechCrunch is reporting a new crowdsourcing campaign is in the works designed to support the integration of text-to-speech software into the Wikipedia open source platform. The arrival of text-to-speech software makes things a lot easier for those with limited time or other constraints. Dictating into a microphone is easier than typing. Doing so also opens the door to multitasking.

Anyone hoping to take advantage of text-to-speech programs should be wary of a few things. No text-to-speech program is perfect. Grammar errors and mistakes are frequently the result of the software program not effectively understanding what a person says. Those mistakes are not going to make a good impression when the page is published. Business content does have to be exceptionally impressive or else it has no value whatsoever.

A solution does exist in which a business owner can use the text-to-speech program, save time, and still get solid results. The text can be submitted to the professionals at Get Your Wiki. Once submitted, professional Wikipedia experts for hire can review the documents and make the necessary edits and update a Wiki page with accurate info. All of this can be done right now before any text-to-speech program is written into the Wikipedia platform.

No one says a draft cannot be dictated and saved onto a document file. The text could easily be cut, pasted, and saved on the Wikipedia platform. In fact, writing or dictating the content onto a file before submitting it to Wikipedia is recommended. This way, a backup document exists. Wikipedia revisions can be made long before the submission to Wikipedia.

Allow Get Your Wiki to edit a Wikipedia page and keep it updated on a regular basis. While writing free-flow content onto a page is not a bad plan, publishing raw and unedited content is. Wikipedia business page creation is going to be look a lot better after a professional editor polishes it.