The Generosity of Adam Milstein

Not exclusively did Adam Milstein start his land profession at Hager Pacific Properties, however it was likewise where he was first acquainted with charity. After encountering monetary accomplishment through his work, he soon found that profiting wasn’t sufficient – Adam Milstein was not fulfilled by that interest alone.

Maybe it was because of his childhood in a nation that was all the while attempting deep down every day to discover and ensure its particular character. Or on the other hand, likely, it was one of the seeds planted in him through his experience as an isolate. Whatever it was, it was amid these developmental early long stretches of Adam Milstein’s profession that he became hopelessly enamored with charity. He understood that it was the response to an inquiry he had discreetly looked for quite a long time: reason. Adam knew he needed to fabricate an inheritance, and for his work and the cash to be a piece of something much more enormous than himself.

The creation of Adam and Gila Family Milstein Family Foundation

Adam Milstein comprehends the energy organization, and no place is that more apparent than in his work with his significant other, Gila. As Milstein was finding out about the universe of generosity, he had numerous long discourses with Gila, expediting her the adventure as well, so they could shape the future and make their stamp together.

One thing Adam and Gila the two offers are their obsession for Israel. This natural energy drove them to make the Adam and Gila Family Milstein Family Foundation. By working crosswise over such a broad scope of regions, the Milstein Family Foundation can see its main goal acknowledged on a wide range of levels, facilitating progress, and instructing people and networks on numerous fronts.

One of their Foundation’s standards incorporates Active Philanthropy – Beyond the financing of associations, tasks, and projects (OPP’s), Adam and Gila trust in the significance of the speculation of time and assets. The Foundation’s staff are prepared to search for approaches to advance the effect and support of the OPP’s they subsidize and are entrusted with thinking of creative approaches to guarantee apportioned assets will accomplish well beyond what’s conceivable, as opposed to exclusively being added to the general store.

Sean Penn Who Just Write Stuff: Thoughts on Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff

Sean Penn’s first novel draws on the tradition of political satire, and in that light it’s a brilliant dystopian portrayal of contemporary American society. The story of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff isn’t really new, originally existing as the story of Pappy Pariah. Penn released that as an an audio book in 2015, but the present book expands the story quite a bit and drops the fictitious backstory of Penn meeting a real-life inspiration. Interestingly, Bob Honey who Just do Stuff was composed by dictation – which is fitting given the history as an audio book.


Bob Honey who Just do Stuff’s lead character is a septic tank salesman who moonlights as a government-sponsored assassin, which would seem absurd but then the idea is quite plausible given the present times. The lead character speaks very frankly about what he does, and at one point composes a letter to the (fictitious) President. Just as the rest of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff satirises contemporary American society, the letter offers a pointed and hardly-veiled rant lampooning President Trump which ends with the lines “Tweet me bitch, I dare you.” Bob Honey who Just do Stuff also takes jabs with the contemporary American obsession with branding, which of course is in line with Penn’s dislike of superficiality. One could easily be reminded of the sort of satirists that everyone thought didn’t exist anymore.


This is not to say that Penn’s work should in any way be immune to legitimate criticisms. The most important of these revolves around the seemingly unnecessary inclusion of a #MeToo poem by the lead character, deriding the movement as a “toddler’s crusade”. While the poem does highlight the fact that the #MeToo movement in some ways seems to equate all forms of sexual harassment, the general gist is that activism has taken things too far in calling out anti-social behaviours. “A platform for accusation impunity, has due process lost its sheen?” further highlights the focus not on survivors of harassment here but the destruction of accused men’s careers. While a focus on due process would work in an ideal world, the fact is that if due process actually worked then there wouldn’t be a problem to begin with. Penn notes how he’s fed up of divisiveness in society, and furthermore states that Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a novel and not an opinion piece. Ergo, social equality and movements towards it are good while superficiality is simply idiotic.


All in all, Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a fascinating debut novel from a man who’s always had a penchant for ruffling feathers and offers a pointed critique of contemporary American society. Some reviews call the book dystopian, but further introspection on prevailing realities might simply lead to calling the book pragmatic.

The chainsmokers before success

We know artists Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart as the American DJ duo group the Chainsmokers, but before their success came about they were two men destined for a dream. They never imagined that their dreams and hard work would lead them to write several top chart hits and several awards. They landed themselves with a Grammy, Billboard Music awards, mtv music awards, iHeart Radio awards, and more. Their songs have been on the top of the charts and their popular hit “closer” reached number one for weeks straight. People fell in love with their electric pop music that is perfect for dancing and having a good time.

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They reunited the Chainsmokers in 2012 with their new member Andrew Taggart. They started playing shows and hit their breakthrough in 2012 and 2014. They have went on to launch seven different albums and they are currently working on some new projects. They pride themselves in creating music that everyone can relate to and enjoy. According to Andrew and Alex, their new music isn’t going to be the same as their old music. They are looking to put a whole new spin on things and gain an even bigger crowd.

Alex lived In New York when he created the now famous Duo group. He was part time DJ, and he made the decision to take his dream seriously, and worked hard to make it in the music business.

Andrew was a student in the state of Maine when he heard the good news that the chainsmokers needed a second member to make up their duo group. He jumped right to the opportunity and sought out to meet Alex.

They started creating music and knew that it was meant to be. They never could have guessed that they would end up selling millions of albums and gaining millions of loyal fans around the world!